The Best Beauty Oils, for Both Inside and Out

Collage of Oils
Collage by Tilden Bissell.

Oils get a bad reputation—and if you’ve struggled with acne-prone or otherwise sensitive skin, it can be daunting to incorporate one into your routine. It comes down to finding the particular hero oil for your skin type—for me, Bathing Culture’s Outer Being Oil is what did it, while one of my friends swears by Vintner’s Daughter (a cult classic). As temperatures drop, making space for one in your medicine cabinet is a great way to fend off dry winter skin and a host of other issues that come as the seasons change. Luckily, you can still reap benefits from oils even if you don’t want to apply them directly to your face. From topical to oral, here are a few of the best oils to try—for dewy skin and healthy hair through the fall.

Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil, $108,

Don’t be put off by Supernal’s fluorescent hue—this quick-absorbing oil is a fan favorite for a reason. Packed with vitamin C and omegas 3, 6, and 9, it’s an energizing option to keep skin luminous.

Henne Organics Lip Serum, $45,

Yes, this is technically called a serum, but its primary ingredients are rosehip, Camellia, and argan oils—plus Cloudberry and Lingonberry for their anti-aging properties.

Pattern Beauty Jojoba Oil Hair Serum, $25,

From Tracee Ellis Ross’s wildly successful haircare brand, this hair oil also contains rosehip, olive, and lavender oils to soothe flaky scalps and deep condition tired strands.

UMA Oils, $45-$335,

Ayurvedic beauty has employed oils for thousands of years, so it would be remiss to not mention a few in an oil roundup. Luckily, Uma makes it easy to sample with their kits, which range from small, like their Discovery Kit, to large, like their just-launched Ultimate Ayurveda Kit.

Monastery Lapiz Oil, $52,

Looking for a lightweight oil that won’t leave a greasy residue for hours after? This California-based brand’s body oil contains Italian Squalane, known for quick absorption, plus peppercorn, ginger, and grapefruit give it an addictively energizing scent.

Deviant Cleansing Concentrate, $59,

Not all oil-based products need to stay on your skin—instead, take it all off after a long day with this concentrate from Deviant. A perfect addition to any double-cleansing routine, this balm-to-milk cleanser is fragrance-free and sensitive skin-friendly.

Gossamer Dusk, $65,

Love it or hate it—CBD is here to stay, and would any oil roundup be complete without its inclusion? There are many great CBD products available, but this hemp-based oil from Gossamer (they also make magazines) promises a way to unwind for deeper beauty sleep.

Native Atlas Omnis Oil, $39,

An affordable all-purpose oil for anyone just starting out, this can be put on the body, in hair, or drizzled into running water for an extra dose of moisture.

Hum Nutrition Supplements, $25-$30,

There are countless ways to eat and drink your way to better skin, and adding a supplement is another avenue, if you really don’t want to put oils directly on your face. Fish oil is a tried-and-true option, while Blackcurrant oil with vitamin E is another solid option for my vegan people. As always, check with your doctor before starting a new supplement routine.