The Best New Fall Fragrances

The overwhelming fragrance launches that debuted in multiples proves that there is safety in numbers.

Photo by Michael Thompson, styled by Karl Templer.
Les Parfums Louis Vuitton $240 each,

Seventy years have passed since Louis Vuitton launched a fragrance, so this is a big deal. The seven blends, inspired by travel and its itinerant emotions, include the fruity-iris Mille Feux and Turbulences, which is surprisingly calming, thanks to the divine tuberose top note.

Phuong Dang Perfumes $300-$450,

The Vietnamese artist Phuong Dang dives into the world of scent with a whopping ten fragrances. While she definitely leans toward rich and spicy blends, like Untamed Oud and Liquid Red, the citrus floral Believing is light and refreshing.

Edward Bess (out in November) $150,

On the tenth anniversary of his makeup line, Edward Bess tries his hand at fragrance with this threesome: Spanish Veil, a sandalwood and tonka blend; the amber and jasmine La Femme Boheme and the smoky Genre, which is both Bess’s personal favorite and mine.

Rag & Bone Fine Fragrances $140 each,

When it came to developing a signature scent for Rag & Bone, the label’s co-founder Marcus Wainwright created many that fit the bill—eight, to be precise, ranging from the light Bergamot to the intense Oddity. Much like R&B’s clothing, they are all basically unisex.

Ellis Brooklyn, $100,

Fresh (and that’s the operative word) off its body lotion launch, Ellis dips into scent with this foursome: the rose and lemon Rrose, jasmine and cedarwood Myth, patchouli and woodsy Raven and Fable, a fresh neroli.

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts ($225,

Green is the poster child for simple freshness, but it sheds its innocence when Mr. Ford translates it in triplicate: the magnolia and violet Vert Boheme, the lavender and cardamom Vert d’Encens and the pine and vanilla Vert des Bois.

Abbott New York City $65, or $5 for a try-at-home sample kit,

Despite its regional name, four locales far from Manhattan are captured in this foursome: the woodsy Sequoia, Mojave, the earthy and tobacco Mojave, the amber, tonka and suede Telluride and the mossy and sandalwood Cape Cod.

Maison Lancôme Grand Cru Fragrances $185–$195,

The three florals and three oud variations are sold separately—but mixing them is highly encouraged. I did, and my equation is: Jasmine Marzipane plus L’Autre Oud, which, to my nose, equals a fancy church wedding.

Christian Louboutin Fragrances $275,

The fancy French shoe designer introduces a trio with his first foray into scent: the violet, rose and amber Tornade Blonde, the bergamot, iris and patchouli Trouble in Heaven and my favorite, Bikini Questa Sera, a warm jasmine and sandalwood mix.

The Renegades $210,

Three perfumers got together to create their own no-holds-barred scents for this new brand: Geza Schoen’s is her interpretation of a tree, Mark Buxton’s is a smoky rose and Bertrand Duchafour’s is a seabreeze-pepper mix. As well done as the scents are, the bottles they’re encased in are quite fascinating: each bear metallic 3-d profiles of the perfumer magnetically attached.

Lite + Cycle Essential Oil Perfume (out in October) $58,

After making her name in the candle industry, creator Kristi Head has taken a crack at the wearable form, with Ingrace, a lavender and rose; Inheart, made of vetiver and sandalwood, and the bergamot petitgrain mix, Inrapture—each encased in an easily tote-able roll-on.