Soul Sisters: The Photos

Director Alexander Payne takes us behind the scenes of his new tragicomedy starring George Clooney.

Photographer: Max Vadukul

“Directors often envy actors for their ready access to emotion and their ability to express intimate feelings and secrets directly into the eye of that hideous, unblinking cyclops known as the camera. George Clooney astonished me in scene after scene, take after take, with his fearlessness, his talent, his sensitivity, and his professionalism. He’s going places!”

Photographer: Max Vadukul

“This shot utilizes a Steadicam, an instrument I normally eschew—yet I must occasionally make exceptions.”

Photographer: Max Vadukul

“Here, Clooney is joined by Shailene Woodley, who plays his daughter, and Nick Krause, the daughter’s lunkhead friend. Nowhere in the film does anyone laugh like this, so they must have been in the midst of a rehearsal or between takes. I have no idea who they were looking at with such humor and affection, but I hope it was me.”