The Freshest Looks From Young Thug, Who Now Goes By “Jeffery”

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“I don’t know anyone in the whole wide world who dress better than me,” declared Young Thug on Thursday evening, just hours before his new album, “No My Name Is Jeffery,” dropped at midnight. The stunning album cover of him wearing a Japanese-inspired ensemble by Alessandro Trincone is probably the best evidence of this claim, but the Atlanta rapper has been a fashion vanguard since the beginning of his career — stepping out in everything from Uggs to overalls. Here, Thug’s most out-of-this-world looks before he became Jeffery.

Getty Images for PUMA
Young Thug / Instagram

Because just wearing Uggs is too normal for a guy like Jeffery.

Young Thug / Instagram

Jeffery got the first custom diamond 42mm Apple Watch “in the streets!”


Jeffery doing Jerry Seinfeld before Gucci made it cool.

Young Thug / Instagram

Jeffery wearing Minion slippers on the plane.

Young Thug / Instagram

Jeffery wearing Ugg boots and a $4,000 coat, but he “don’t know the brand name doe…!”

Young Thug / Instagram
Jeffery / Instagram

For a brief period, he sported a septum piercing.

Young Thug / Instagram

One of Jeffery’s idols is Prince, of course.

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Young Thug / Instagram

A new addition to his colorful collection of jewelry is pink diamonds on his upper incisor tooth.

Young Thug / Instagram

Jeffery spotted this look by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone through VFILES. He’s about to be a mentor for their New York Fashion Week panel, and this kimono-like dress was one of the pieces that they showed him during their meeting. He requested that it be shipped immediately to Atlanta, so that he could wear it on the album cover.