Exclusive: A Look Back at Vanina Sorrenti’s Photos from the ’90s

Though she’s left most of the spotlight to her brother Mario Sorrenti and his famed photos of his ex, one Kate Moss, Vanina Sorrenti has long shared her brother’s penchant for nude portraiture, focusing almost exclusively on the female form. “I used to style on the side to make some cash, so I would go grab some clothes and basically dress my girlfriends,” Sorrenti said of how she ended up getting into photography, having moved to New York from Naples, where her mother, Francesca, was also a fashion photographer. “We were all doing something within fashion, and a bunch of them are now filmmakers and artists, but at the time we were just starting out.” Though most recently her work’s been seen at New York Fashion Week, where her large-scale photographs replaced an actual runway show for Zac Posen, Sorrenti paused to look back at those early days, starring scenes of familiar names like the artist-designer Susan Cianciolo. Take a look back at where it all started for the photographer, here.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Susan Sitting with Black Cat,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Kat Nude in White Bedroom,”

Vanina Sorrenti

Vanina Sorrenti, “Kat Upside Down in Chair with Dog,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Mahoney Harris with Chair and Book in Hand,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Jade Berreau Reading at Home with Girls,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Irina Sitting in Dad’s Wedding Shirt,” 1999.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Jade Berreau Stretching in Jacqueline’s Chair,” 1999.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Kat Nude Torso,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Kate Dillon in Bra,” 1999.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Jade Berreau in Guest Bed,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Megan Vybiral-Bauske in Loft Tying Shoe,” 1998.


Vanina Sorrenti, “Megan Vybiral-Bauske in Front of Davide’s Room,” 1998.