40 and Fabulous: Power Players


On the eve of another election—and in celebration of our 40th anniversary—we look back at the presidents, first ladies, and other political movers and shakers in the W archives.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

Though the pair was all smiles on the campaign trail, fear and loathing were imminent.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

The legendary senator always came with his own baggage, but rarely was that illustrated so literally.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

We tagged along with the soon–to–be First Couple, as well as their extended family, on the campaign trail and to their Plains, Georgia, home.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

Often criticized for lacking what he called “the vision thing,” the elder Bush seemed adept at the dog-in-pool thing.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

More than two decades before he became the nation’s ultimate decider,” Dubya was still just a Texas oilman.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

W paid a visit to the couple just before they were swept into the White House. “We each have our own sense of style,” Nancy said. We’re guessing the horse-drawn buggy was his idea.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

A year after leaving Washington, the family relaxed on Massachusetts’s Martha’s Vineyard.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

Ted Kennedy’s niece, a journalist and longtime policy advocate for women, was profiled in W during then husband Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inaugural run as “governator” of California.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

The California senator (and then newly minted novelist) wore the pants in her Capitol Hill office.

Photographs: Shawn Brackbill

The First Lady, here with Jason Wu, who designed her inauguration gown, attended a Smithsonian ceremony to donate the dress.