The Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams of the Week, From Kendall Jenner’s Laser Eyes to Gillian Anderson’s Phallus

Courtesy of @kendalljenner

At long last, the so-called “bottle cap challenge” seems to have come to an end. (Its last gasp came courtesy of Kendall Jenner, who drew environmentalists’ ire for choosing to stage hers in the ocean, thereby possibly killing turtles.) Now that our feeds have finally freed up, it’s time to appreciate the overlooked celebrity content of the week—aka evaluate who stepped into Martha Stewart’s shoes and got the weirdest. The eldest Hadids might just have taken the cake; Yolanda Hadid got some field experience with working a tractor, and took the video to prove it, while her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, looked back fondly on his days of being chased by a swan—whom he seems to have named George—while driving a golf cart. From Inez and Vinoodh’s reimagining of Lady Gaga as a patriot with gills to Salma Hayek’s Photoshop skills, see who else got weird on Instagram this week, here.

Courtesy of @kendalljenner

Unlike another of her posts this week, this selfie, taken and posted by Kendall Jenner, did not lead to accusations that she has been killing turtles.

Courtesy of @gilliana

Gillian Anderson took a break from filming season 2 of the Netflix series Sex Education to post a diptych of herself wearing a 24-karat gold phallus, which she captioned “Sad…Happy!”

Courtesy of @inezandvinoodh

In celebration of the Fourth of July, the photographers Inez and Vinoodh posted a throwback of their 2013 V magazine cover of Lady Gaga. The red, white, and blue hair sure fit with holiday theme; the gills, not so much.

Courtesy of @krisjenner

“OK, Well, Someone has to drive the ship,” Kris Jenner captioned this photo of her leg.

Courtesy of @parishilton

This post, like practically every single one that Paris Hilton has been posting to her feed, is actually a GIF. Apparently, Hilton’s idea of “paradise” is swarming with rogue hummingbirds.

Courtesy of @yolanda.hadid

Lest you forget that Yolanda Hadid, best known as the model mom of models Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid, is also a farm owner, she posted a video of herself using a tractor to scoop up a small mound of dirt and dump it onto the lawn. “If you want something done, you do it yourself,” she captioned the post, along with the hashtags “#FarmLife” and “#LearningEveryday.”

Courtesy of @mohamedhadid

Yolanda’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, also shared footage of himself on an unexpected vehicle, in which he was being chased by a swan named George.

Courtesy of @glennclose

Was Glenn Close at a “#blueberryartsfestival,” as one of her many hashtags suggested, when this photo was taken? And who did take this photo, anyway? The world may never know.

Courtesy of @salmahayek

Salma Hayek took her dedication to Frida Kahlo, whom she played in the 2002 film Frida, to a new level by semi-successfully creating a photo collage of the pair posing together.