Photo via @marthastewart48.

Martha Stewart has made a name for herself – and built an empire – by embodying domestic (and traditionally female) perfection. It's an image which, prison stint notwithstanding, she's kept alive for decades through a variety of multimedia endeavors, including her main Instagram account – a manicured grid of stationery set-ups, floral arrangements, and culinary concoctions just messy enough to make you think you, too, might be able to make recipes like lemon-spice ice cream sandwiches. But while it might be infused with Stewart's ethos, don't let @marthastewart fool you: Stewart, who turns 75 today, keeps her real ‘grams under another handle, which is an entirely different breed of perfection. @marthastewart48 is a brilliantly curated blend of selfies, celebs like Usher and Snoop Dogg, and charmingly blurry, zoomed-in compositions, many featuring Stewart’s farm animals and pets like a Chow Chow named Genghis Khan.

Stewart first started the account three years ago, though her social media usage has not been without criticism: She came under fire in 2013 for her foodstagrams, widely considered to be disgusting. (To be clear, many of those were posted to Stewart’s Twitter, which is also a gem: Recent highlights include a Jason Derulo concert and a ruthless roast of Kardashian sidekick Jonathan Cheban.) But Stewart is perhaps most beautifully DGAF in her captions, where she embellishes her quips with typos, exclamation points, and an air of being unapologetically genuine. “Do you like? Do you love? Not that I would do such a thing but it is a bit appealing?” she asks earnestly alongside one photo from her former modeling days – another of her feed's recurring features – where her body's been Photoshopped with tattoos. In honor of her birthday, celebrate more of her best Insta moments, here.