The Full Moon in Scorpio Will Be a Rollercoaster for 5 Zodiac Signs

by Cole Prots

Images via Getty. Animation by Ashley Peña

Get ready to dive deep into an emotional whirlpool, because a full moon in Scorpio is on the horizon, hitting the scene on April 23 at 7:47 PM ET. Full moons are like cosmic spotlights, shining a bright beam onto our feelings and inner thoughts. This lunar event marks the end of eclipse season, so it’s time to get back to business with your manifesting and cleansing rituals.

Picture this: the moon, which symbolizes our emotions and subconscious, gets a monthly check-up from the sun, illuminating what’s been lurking in the shadows. With Scorpio at the helm, brace yourself for a deep dive into your private emotional realms. It’ll be like a flashlight under your bed—sure, you might find some dust bunnies, but you could also stumble upon buried treasure (and maybe a few monsters).

With the sun chilling in Taurus and the moon strutting its stuff in Scorpio, we’re caught between material desires and emotional depths. While our conscious minds are busy scanning the physical world for answers, the moon whispers, “Hey, look deeper.” It’s time to trade the surface-level chit-chat for some soul-searching conversations with ourselves.

Prepare for some major revelations, especially around intimacy and shared experiences. Scorpio isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into taboo topics like sex and money, so expect some truths to bubble up. And those fears you’ve been sweeping under the rug? They’re about to stage a full-blown intervention. The universe is saying, “Enough hiding. It’s time to face the music.”

But hold onto your hats, because Pluto—the cosmic agent of destruction and transformation—is crashing this party with some intense vibes. Similar to a family reunion with that one relative you’ve been avoiding, there will be some awkward feelings and perhaps discomfort. But it’s all necessary for growth. Pluto’s presence might stir up some anxiety, but remember, this is part of the cosmic plan.

You might feel the urge to resist change or stir up drama, but try to stay grounded. Scorpio encourages us to ask questions and seek understanding, so don’t jump to conclusions. Instead of letting fear call the shots, lean into curiosity and face those demons head-on. This full moon is all about breaking free from old patterns and embracing the unknown.

Don’t forget to check out your rising sign for a personalized cosmic road map. It might shed some light on your journey ahead.


This full moon is shining a spotlight on those deep-seated fears and anxieties you’ve been carting around. Your cosmic therapist, so to speak, is nudging you to take a peek under the hood and see what’s been hiding in the shadows.

I get it—you’re not always the most cuddly of creatures, especially with your ruling planet cozying up in Pisces. But at the moment, the universe is telling you to take a breather. It’s tough for your fiery spirit to hit the brakes, but even superheroes need a nap now and then.

This lunar event is all about diving deep and figuring out how you connect with others. You’ll find that balance between giving and receiving, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Sure, your values might be as different as night and day from those around you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find common ground. Take a moment to tune in to the needs of those around you. How can you find a happy medium between your own desires and theirs? During this time, seek meaningful connections without losing sight of yourself in the process.


Brace yourself, because this full moon is stirring up some relationship drama for you. When the moon swings into Scorpio, it’s like turning on the relationship spotlight, illuminating where you stand with the folks in your life.

But it’s not all bad news. This lunar event is a golden opportunity to tackle any anxieties or fears you’ve been harboring about your connections. With Venus, your ruling planet, chilling in Aries during this full moon, the universe is nudging you to take some healing action. It’s time to balance the scales in your relationships and make sure they’re aligned with who you truly are.

You might find yourself having some heart-to-hearts or even cutting ties with certain folks. And that’s totally okay! This full moon is all about being true to yourself and not worrying about how others perceive you. Trust me, the people who vibe with your energy will stick around, no matter what. Don’t be afraid to show up authentically and let your true colors shine. This full moon is your cosmic cheerleader, encouraging you to be unapologetically yourself.


Get ready to roll up your sleeves, because this full moon is shining a bright light on your work and health. It’s time to kick those bad habits to the curb and get your routine back on track. Now, I know as a Gemini, you’re all about going with the flow and letting the wind carry you wherever it pleases. But guess what? The Scorpio influence of this full moon is all about diligence and hard work. Think of it as having your own personal coach pushing you to be your best self.

This lunar event is all about finding ways to add more structure to your life. Whether that means setting boundaries with your co-workers, hitting that morning gym session, or just getting more organized in general, now’s the time to make it happen.

Mercury is still doing its retrograde thing, so things might feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t stress yourself out trying to fix everything at once. Focus on the small wins and go from there. Tap into that Gemini charm, get back into your groove, and say goodbye to anything that’s been holding you back. Level up and reach for the stars!


Your creative fire will be ignited during this full moon, since Scorpio is all about bringing passion back into your life. I know it can be tough sometimes to really let yourself dive into your creative side. The fear of failure or things not turning out as expected is totally normal. We’re all human, and let’s face it, life is no walk in the park.

But guess what? This full moon is giving you a gentle nudge to express your truth. Whether that’s through art, romance, or simply being unapologetically yourself in a crowded room, it’s time to let your light shine.

Remember, some of the most beautiful things in life can emerge from the darkest places. Scorpio wants you to embrace that contrast and find inspiration in both the light and the shadows. Channel your inner child that just discovered the joy of honesty. When you let your true self shine through, you’ll find a whole new world of freedom and creativity waiting for you.


Brace yourself, because this full moon is about to stir up some serious emotions for you. Your cosmic therapist will be shining a light on your upbringing and how it’s shaped the way you handle your feelings. You might uncover some deep-seated patterns and even find yourself seeking closure with your fam.

But hey, don’t freak out if things start feeling a bit intense. This full moon in Scorpio is all about getting real with yourself and finding your emotional truth. Sure, it might be tempting to sweep those revelations under the rug, especially if there’s resistance from the home front or fear of what others might think. But think of it as a chance for some much-needed emotional spring cleaning.

Channel your inner lion and stand tall in your truth. It’s time to create a sanctuary where you feel safe and secure, free from the fears that have been holding you back. And if you feel like doing some purging of material possessions, go for it! Out with the old, in with the new, right?


Some serious heart-to-hearts are in store for you; this full moon is about to shake things up. The universe is practically shouting in your ear, “Enough with the secrets and unresolved conflicts!” This lunar event in Scorpio is all about airing out those hidden truths and having some tough but necessary conversations.

Whether it’s a long-held secret or a conflict you’ve been avoiding, now’s the time to lay it all out on the table. This full moon wants to improve your connections with those around you by clearing the air and speaking your truth.

But before you dive headfirst into those conversations, remember that Mercury, your ruling planet, is still doing its retrograde dance. Be mindful of potential miscommunications and give each other some space for healthy criticism. At the end of the day, this full moon is a reminder that it’s better to speak up than to let things simmer beneath the surface. Don’t hold back—let your voice be heard!


Some major revelations are coming your way. This full moon in Scorpio is here to remind you that your values might not always align with everyone else’s. Your adaptability and knack for people-pleasing can sometimes lead you astray from what truly matters to you and your sense of self-worth.

But fear not! Think of the full moon as your personal compass, guiding you back to what’s important. It’s time to take a closer look at your values and how they shape your actions. Once you understand what truly matters to you, you can start making moves to create a better life for yourself.

And here’s the kicker: expect a boost in self-esteem along the way. Whether it’s a fat paycheck or a deep emotional connection, this full moon is all about shedding what no longer serves you and stepping into your power. Embrace the change and get ready to level up, Libra style!


You’ll soon be basking in the cosmic spotlight—because this full moon is shining right on you. The universe is saying, “Hey, remember who you are!” This lunar event is your chance to shake off any dust that’s been gathering and step back into your power.

The full moon is all about illuminating those parts of yourself that you might usually keep hidden. Give yourself permission to be your true, authentic self while also learning more about who you are.

I know it can be tempting to worry about what others think of you or to feel nervous about showing your true colors. But that’s their problem, not yours! Consider this time your cosmic permission slip to dive deep into your sense of self and embrace every inch of who you are.

And if things start feeling a bit intense with Pluto throwing some cosmic shade, it’s totally okay to take a step back and retreat for a bit. Just hold off on any drastic hair changes, unless it’s been on your mind for a while. We don’t want any impulsive decisions under this moon’s influence!


Buckle up, because this full moon might take you on an emotional rollercoaster. The universe is shining a spotlight on all those deep-seated fears and anxieties you’ve been carrying around. But it’s not all doom and gloom—this lunar event is actually a chance for some serious self-reflection.

The full moon is nudging you to let go of any past pain and worries and focus on living in the present moment. It’s time to take the reins and start steering your life in the direction you want to go. After all, your ruling planet, Jupiter, just had a cosmic rendezvous with Uranus, encouraging you to take a leap of faith.

So, what’s holding you back? Remember, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself! It might be easier said than done, but don’t shy away from those tough conversations that could help ease your worried mind. Embrace that fiery Sagittarius spirit and charge boldly into the unknown. Who knows what exciting adventures await you?


You’re in for some cosmic clarity, because the full moon is about to shine a light on your long-term dreams and the people who support them. You might find yourself having some major “aha” moments about where you want to go in life and who’s riding shotgun on your journey. And if you’re feeling a little tension from those around you, or you’re worried about ruffling some feathers with your ambitions, don’t sweat it!

This full moon is giving you permission to let go of old dreams and make room for new ones. It’s all about growth and evolution, my friend—be grateful for the paths you’ve traveled and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

With Saturn, your ruling planet, hanging out in Pisces, now’s the perfect time to rally your community and share your aspirations. Lean on your support systems, and if you encounter any resistance, remember: it’s okay to put yourself first. Embrace the winds of change and set sail toward your next big adventure. The universe has your back, Capricorn!


You’ve got a bit of a cosmic career boost on the horizon. It’s safe to say that, on the professional front, things are looking up: whether you’re starting a new gig or wrapping up an old one, the stars are aligned in your favor. Plus, you might find yourself basking in a little extra recognition or realizing the importance of owning your spotlight.

But with Pluto throwing some tense vibes your way, you might feel a bit on edge if things don’t go exactly as planned. Remember, patience is key! This full moon is all about shining a spotlight on your successes, so trust that your time to shine is on the horizon.

Resist the urge to go all impulsive if things don’t go your way. Trust that you’re making your mark in the world, even if it doesn’t happen overnight. Sit tight, Aquarius, because the celebration of your awesomeness is just around the corner.


This lunar event is like a breath of fresh air, helping you shake off any fears that might be holding you back. As a mutable water sign, your empathy knows no bounds, giving you a unique perspective on the world.

But being so in tune with others can sometimes leave you feeling drained by energy vampires and phonies. Don’t let them dim your sparkle! This full moon is all about embracing your effervescence and rediscovering your zest for life.

Expect some exciting spiritual and philosophical breakthroughs that’ll have you seeing the world through a whole new lens. Why not plan a little getaway or indulge in some deep mental exploration? Just remember, true freedom comes from within. Sure, there might be some roadblocks along the way, but you’re innovative enough to find your way around them.