The Best Fall Candles and Home Scents

’Tis the season for woodsy incense, elegant diffusers and dinner party-enhancing room sprays.

by Eleonore Condo

a collage of luxurious candles, room sprays and incense sticks

For me, the pinnacle of self-care is when I have a clean face, a clean apartment, and a candle burning. Sometimes I’ll light a candle up before I begin my routine so that by the time I’m done, I’m enveloped in its scent. Other times, I save my moment of fragrance for after, the final touch to a clean room. I’m an avid perfume-lover, and I see my home as an extension of that passion: If I’ve gone through the effort of decorating for a party, laid out platters of shrimp cocktail and pitchers of martinis, I make sure to spritz the entryway with room spray, so the party starts when my guests walk in. If I’m writing and want to channel my concentration, I light up incense. Candles and home scents are romantic; why not romance yourself?

A Subtle Woodsy Scent

With their long-lasting scents and iconic packaging, Diptyque candles are a classic for a reason. My personal favorite, Noisetier, is a warm, woodsy scent with a hint of juiciness perfect for burning after a long day.

Cozy and Sophisticated

For the ultimate hygge evening, AMASS’s Four Thieves candle contains a blend of coconut and soy wax warmly fragranced with spicy cloves and soothing eucalyptus.

For an Opulent Vibe

Candles invite you to luxuriate, and none are more inviting or luxurious than Cire Trudon. Their large-format editions are emblazoned with their gold crest and boast a burn time of 300 hours for the height of opulence.

Fresh and Grounded

Known for their hyper-specific scent names and beautiful amber-glass packaging, Lola James Harper’s scents are the perfect choice for a hip hostess gift. The Rainy Days in Lake District room spray instantly transports the spritzer to Lancaster, England, with its fresh, mineral-y scent.

The Perfect Party Fragrance

The notes of patchouli and vanilla in Byredo’s chic room spray will linger long after your first spritz.

For the Boudoir

The seductively-scented oil melts at just above body temperature—keep it by your bedside for a sexy evening wind-down.

An Ideal Gift

If you want to give the gift of candles but are unsure of the giftee’s scent preference, their nose can take a tour of Bella Freud’s greatest hits with her Mini Votive Gift Scent.

A Flame-Free Option

Acqua di Parma’s line of exquisitely scented and saffron-colored glass bottle reed diffusers are perfect for those who want a scent that lasts all day without having to worry if they left a candle burning.

For a Meditative Experience

There’s a thoughtfulness about all of Cinnamon Projects products and scents. Their Japanese-style incense burn cleanly for 25 minutes and their burners are beautifully crafted, creating a sensory utopia every time you light up.

A Touch of Kitsch

Candles don’t need to be scented to make you happy. Ri-Ri-Ku’s peachy cherub will surely up the Raphaelite (or Fiorucci, depending on the situation) vibes in your apartment.

The Candle of the Moment

Boy Smells’ candles have a little bit of everything; enduring scent, chic-yet-cheeky packaging, and they burn perfectly.

High-Fashion Febreze

Everything about Frederic Malle’s Perfume Gun is a showstopper. From the ingenious packaging to its intoxicatingly clean scent of magnolia petals.