Everything You Need To Level Up Your Next Night In

If you haven’t noticed, nights in are the new nights out. We miss the parties, of course — the glamour, the spontaneity, the night magic – but we’re over waxing nostalgic. At this point, we’ve mastered the art of a perfect night in, so below you will find a list of things to help you get there. Silky loungewear? Check. A moody candle? Check. Our new favorite rosé? Obviously. I’m a Taurus, so I may be biased on this (we’re notoriously sensual, materialistic homebodies), but an indulgent night done right can be the most satisfying thing in the world.

But first, a few pro tips before you embark on this luxurious night in: clean up your space (even if it means moving all the clothes from your bed to the laundry basket), knock out all your important emails (low-grade, work-related anxiety has no place here), and be sure to pre-pick a movie to watch (nothing more disorienting than scrolling through hundreds of streaming options with no real direction). Without further ado: everything you need to level up your next night in.