Zodiac Boyfriend on Your Fiery, Love-Filled February Ahead

by Nick Grigolia

Howard Pyle, “The Mermaid,” 1910.
Howard Pyle, “The Mermaid,” 1910.

Welcome to W magazine’s monthly astrology forecast. We’ll be bringing a rotating catalog of the most talked-about young astrologers into the fold this year, allowing each personality to give their outlook on what’s to come for all of the signs. First up: Nick Grigolia, whom you may know on TikTok as Zodiac Boyfriend.

Hi, I’m Nick, aka Zodiac Boyfriend. My friends at W asked me to check the astro weather for February. A note: I strongly suggest you read these entries based on your rising sign, to glean the most accurate information possible. And keep in mind, there’s a new moon in Pisces on February 18th, which suggests we be go-getters and put plans in motion. Venus, the planet of love, enters fiery Aries on the 19th, meaning love will be coming in hot and fast for some of you! There’s plenty in store for February—so read on for more.


Aries, I know it’s hard for you to slow down and think—but this full moon asks you to reevaluate your dating life. Think about your decisions before you act. No impulsive behaviors, please! Are you seeing someone who isn’t good for you? Maybe you’re working on a creative project that isn’t going your way? It’s time to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Write those lists. The Pisces new moon on the 18th will require you to be kind to yourself. You, my hot-headed, adventurous friend, are in need of a break. After your much-needed slumber you may continue taking over the world, especially with Venus entering Aries on the 19th. Soon enough, you’ll start feeling energized, confident, and sexy again!


My stubborn little bull: the Leo full moon requires you to clean your room (metaphorically, literally and spiritually.) The state of your space often shows what’s going on internally. Your home should be your safe place, so treat it as such! You are not responsible for anyone’s drama (other than your own, of course). You may be holding onto some difficult memories; it’s time to let go and set yourself free, while also establishing necessary boundaries when it comes to your relationships. This is a very social and lively month for you. The new moon on the 18th may bring you new projects and or ideas. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work—so try to put your obstinacy aside and have a positive mindset.


You’re no stranger to the world of gossip, but this full moon wants you to put the hearsay aside and have meaningful conversations instead. You may pick up some juicy secrets, but make sure to zip that lip of yours. As an air sign, you are not the biggest fan of tapping into your feelings, but you need to gather your thoughts and have heartfelt conversations to strengthen your relationships. With the Pisces new moon on the 18th, you will be rewarded in the form of recognition—and, in the process, you’ll attract new opportunities to strengthen your career. Venus entering Aries on the 19th will boost your popularity as well, so get ready to mingle even more.

Nick Grigolia aka Zodiac Boyfriend

Courtesy of Nick Grigolia


Snip snip, the crab has arrived. The full moon will be asking you to reevaluate your values and finances. What really matters to you? Are you spending too much money on things that aren’t important? Remember: what you want isn’t always what you need. Have important conversations about your finances with yourself to clean up that area of your life. Once you differentiate your wants and needs, you can expect your financial state to head in a better direction. With the Pisces new moon later this month, you will be broadening your horizons: that may take the form of a whole new path in life, or it could manifest as planning a getaway trip. Whatever the case may be, this will be an uplifting time in your life, so make sure to be receptive. With Venus entering Aries on the 19th, expect positive changes in your career.


Royalty has entered the chat. The full moon is happening in YOUR sign, Leo. You’re a superstar, duh. But who are you really? Let go of any self-limiting beliefs you may have and practice as much self-love as you can. You are the CEO of hyping others up, so make sure you do the same for yourself. At your core, you are a courageous, loyal, dedicated person—so make sure you lead with those qualities. When Pisces enters the new moon on the 18th, you’ll be thinking of cleaning up your finances. Looks like you’ll be paying off a debt, or even making new investments; this could be a financial investment, or it could simply be putting your time and energy into something (or someone). Either way, it’ll be fruitful—but you must plant the seed before a lush flower begins to blossom.


This full moon, you will be asked to reevaluate your life, my lovely Virgo. Address whatever fears, worries, and anxieties you have and what triggers them. You tend to think about your feelings instead of feeling your feelings, but you must find a balance between your mind and heart. With balance, you can set yourself free. Do not be your own enemy! Don’t let negative thoughts lead your life. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. The Pisces new moon on the 18th will start a fresh chapter in your love life. In fact, Pisces season will be dreamy for you—and love will definitely be in the air! Ew, right? But let’s be real, deep down you know you LOVE love. So embrace it!


Justice has come to slay, but first the full moon asks you to reevaluate your social circles. You are naturally popular and liked due to your harmonious nature, but you can’t possibly be friends with everyone—so stop trying to please them all! Let go of people who only take from you. The full moon will illuminate who your real friends are. During the Pisces new moon on the 18th, you will feel inspired to start taking care of yourself and creating a routine. You will introduce new, healthy habits into your life that will help you feel better long-term. With Venus entering Aries on the 19th, this will also boost your love life, so make sure to practice pleasing yourself and not get lost in taking care of others.


With your alluring energy, you never demand attention—you command it. The full moon will illuminate your public image and career. You will be reevaluating your path in life and it will feel like all eyes are on you, so make sure to plan your steps toward success thoroughly. Figure out how to jump over the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward. The new moon later this month will inspire you to express your creative side. You may pick up a new hobby and start having more fun. An unexpected fling may be around the corner—enjoy yourself!


The full moon on the 5th wants you to slow down and reassess your direction in life, reaffirm your beliefs, and stick to your faith. You may make an unexpected change in your studies, or pick up a new hobby. Remind yourself what really matters and plan your next adventure accordingly. If you run away from your problems, those exact problems will be waiting for you right at the finish line. Later this month, during the Pisces new moon, you will have a better idea on what to do and where to go next if you’re feeling a bit lost. You may also feel isolated, but the new moon will help you find healing with its new-beginnings energy. Everything will be okay—try to have faith in the process and stay optimistic.


If it isn’t the legend, the goat herself! This full moon will illuminate secrets that have been hidden from you. People will show their true colors and you will become aware of their true intentions. This is an intense but transformative time for you—as a Capricorn, you are a natural hustler, but it’s okay to sit back and reevaluate your emotions no matter how gross the prospect of that may seem to you. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You do not have to deal with everything alone. Make a plan for your finances (if you haven’t already, you skillfully organized creature, you.) especially if you are in a partnership—whether romantic, business, or otherwise. The new moon in Pisces on the 18th can deepen your intellectual connection with your partner and/or friends. Your favorite word may be no, but learn to say yes for a change!


Let’s talk about commitment, baby! (Oh no, Aquarius’s biggest fear.) The full moon in Leo will be highlighting your love life. Secrets may come to light, which can either make it or break it. Let your intuition guide you and move forward stronger. A new beginning or ending could happen in both love or business. The new moon in Pisces on the 18th will inspire you to be kinder to yourself and boost your self-esteem. Reward yourself with a new purchase and go out on a date with yourself. Start the business endeavor you’ve been thinking about and watch it flourish!


Wake up, sleepy head—the Leo full moon is urging you to make adjustments to your everyday. Do you have habits that don’t add value to your life? It’s time to eliminate them and build a healthier, more productive schedule. You can start by introducing walks into your lifestyle, streamline your sleeping schedule, and make sure to eat delicious and nutritious foods. With the Pisces new moon happening in your sign on the 18th, as well as Pisces season being around the corner, get ready to have all eyes on you. You will feel like a star after what felt like a lonely and groggy January! MUAH!