Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Will Soon Call a 17-Bathroom Mansion Home

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck embracing
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When it comes to relationship milestones, moving in with a significant other is perhaps second only to getting hitched. There’s a reason why some psychologists have likened shopping for a shared living space at Ikea to a relationship death trap: The chances that you and your partner will be in 100 percent agreement with each and every design decision are slim to none. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been down this road before, and it’s a good thing their rekindled romance is by all accounts going swimmingly because boy, do they have decisions to make now that they’re going down it again. TMZ reports that the pair is in escrow for a roughly $55 million mansion on a 20,000-square-foot estate in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. The property, which is surrounded by woods, comes complete with 10 bedrooms, four kitchens, a wine cellar, an at-home movie theater, and an infinity pool. Oh, and it’s also overflowing with bathrooms. How many, you might ask? No less than 17.

Difficult as it may be for us non-millionaires to imagine, it tracks that each of the 10 bedrooms would come with its own facilities. We suppose the remaining seven are for guests and what will no doubt be a sizable housekeeping staff. Lopez and Affleck have yet to comment on the big move, but we have a hunch that TMZ is correct in reporting that the former’s two children and the latter’s three will be helping them fill out all that space.

One of the 17 bathrooms in question.

Courtesy of the Grosby Group / Backgrid
Courtesy of the Grosby Group / Backgrid

Affleck and Lopez have proven so inseparable since reuniting after nearly two decades that we wouldn’t be surprised if they forewent having bathrooms of their own. Maybe the surplus is intended to serve a different purpose than making sure there’s always somewhere to go when they need to go. “Bathroom, closet,” a giggling Lopez recently told Ellen DeGeneres of how she and Affleck get time to themselves with all their kids running around. “Private moments. You know, to talk, to do things.” If all else fails, well, the pair has made it abundantly clear that they don’t have a problem with PDA.

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