The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Are Heating Up This Week

The Venus Star Point on June 4 will bring Gemini themes of communication, sociality, and openness.

by Cole Prots

Collage by Ashley Peña

Venus represents beauty, creativity, love, and relationships—all the things that bring joy to our lives. I like to think of Venus as the planet of simple pleasures. Astrologically speaking, it is one of the fastest-moving planets, shifting from one sign to another in two to three weeks. Venus lines up with the sun about once a year, making what is known as a Cazimi, (when a planet is in very close proximity to the sun,) giving us the Venus Star Point on June 4.

Venus Star Point day, one of the most advantageous days of the year, is of particular significance. The sun, a symbol of illumination, shines a light on whatever it touches. When the sun and Venus unite, this light shines on love. The term “Venus Star Point” stems from the horoscope wheel: if you were to track each time Venus and the sun met over several decades, you’d notice that each meeting forms the points of a star. Astrologers study these five points to anticipate upcoming influences on culture, art, societal relationships, and more. Due to the movement of Venus, these trends will endure for about 100-150 years until a new set of Venus Star Points emerges. Although it is fleeting, this transit has the potential to impact your life, offering new opportunities and experiences.

The Venus Star Point on June 4th will be at 14° of Gemini, just two days before a fortunate new moon. The VSP in Gemini represents a resurgence of Gemini themes in our lives. You might find yourself being more communicative and social, for starters. Venus in Gemini is a little flirt and loves to mingle through learning. For my single friends out there, this is an excellent time to remember that asking questions is one of the most effective ways to connect with someone. If you are in a relationship, consider learning more about your loved one and their passions. The Gemini VSP also reminds us that learning should be fun, and that indulging in your curiosities is essential.

This transit is about finding the joy in information. Gemini is the mutable air sign, so information constantly flows in and out of their domain. Gemini is always down to try something for the sake of learning—remember that! The Venus Star Point day is one of the best times to open yourself up to new opportunities to learn and connect with others. Challenge yourself to make sure you are expanding your relationships by trying to understand the perspective of others. Push yourself to start a project that will give you both mental and emotional fulfillment. Remember that, although this is a one-day transit, the new moon picks up on all that energy, so start manifesting for new beginnings.

As always, read your rising sign to get the most accurate interpretation of this horoscope. Sending you much love, chickadee.


This Venus Star Point in Gemini has the most textbook interpretation for your fiery self. You will feel the strongest pull towards communication and curiosity throughout this transit. Try listening more to understand better how people receive the information you share. You will still want to express yourself and get your two cents into the world, so don’t silence your voice. As you are drawn to socialize, you will also find solace in writing and other mentally stimulating creative projects. This is your chance to experience the world like a Gemini sponge, so let yourself soak up all that it has to offer—and take note of what experiences bring you life.


With any Venus transit, you get a free ride, dear Taurus—because she is the planet ruling your entire being. This particular Venus Star Point will activate the area of life that resonates most with you: values and finances. Around the VSP, you might find that you’re more aware of your sense of self, and how your values have evolved in the recent past. You might also start conversing with professional connections about how you want your current status to change to help you live the comfortable life you desire. By leaning into your creative, artisanal side, you could enhance your financial stability—but don’t forget to embrace the variety that comes with Gemini in Venus. The same old routine is a great place to start, but let your self-worth be determined by new experiences that align with your new self.


Gemini, you have the most bountiful experience with this Venus Star Point. In your sign, Venus will be shining on you. You might have a more tender approach with your self-talk and perspective. Your natural charm will be at an all-time high, so take advantage of that by schmoozing your way through this transit and connecting with your social circles. Remember that, as a Gemini, you embody the spirit of learning and communication. The VSP transit calls for learning about yourself and communicating who that person is. You might have to challenge yourself to share some truths of your character, but don’t worry. All will pan out favorably for you.


This Venus Star Point invites a sense of calm and release for you. Your spirituality, inner psyche, and connection to your subconscious all have the potential to be heightened positively during this time! Although VSP in Gemini is incredibly social, you might enjoy a bit of creative solitude, like reading a good book in your favorite corner at home. You should consider journaling about your most recent life experiences. You might even enjoy trying out new spiritual practices you’ve seen buzzing around the esoteric world. Introspection will be vital for unlocking further potential, but keep a record of your recollections. The spirit of Venus in Gemini is still communicative and intellectual, so having something to refer back to will help amplify your journey.


With a lovely Venus Star Point coming around the corner, it might seem like the world around you feels slightly brighter. The VSP in Gemini will push you back into the arms of your loving community. Your friendships and social networks will be the main focus of this Venus transit. There will be moments when you want to take center stage and be surrounded by people who experience the world the way you do, so go out and socialize. Don’t forget that you are part of society as well, so use your bright and bubbly personality to shine a light on the people around you, too. Let yourself be charmed and learn new ways to connect with the world.


The Venus Star Point in Gemini might have some of the best news for you, Virgo. Your meticulous planning and desire to bring new life into your sense of self, career, and relationships might finally catch the break you have been seeking. In particular, the most significant revelations and opportunities are coming from professional connections. The VSP in Gemini can help you reconnect with your professional values by seeing multiple pathways to success. You may limit your perspective because you, more than anyone, like to have a clear plan for success. Let yourself remember the duality that lives within you and that sometimes, pivoting can help inform.


Libra, what a lovely time for you to expand your knowledge and step into a world of adventure! Since you’re ruled by Venus, you might notice an extra boost to your energy this day. The Venus Star Point will bring plenty of opportunities for you to see the world and open your mind and heart to all the lessons she has for you. Around this time, consider planning a vacation or even going on a quick day trip somewhere that excites you. You will find joy in listening to and learning from others, so engage in as much conversation as possible. Wisdom is the key to this transition, and requires you to take time to learn from your experiences. Don’t just go out and sit in the sun; reflect on how these experiences have informed you, and never get stuck in one place or one perspective.


With this Venus Star Point, you have the opportunity to use your powerful mind to examine your innermost thoughts, desires—and demons, too. There will be a sense of ease, however, with this typically brooding energy, since you’ll find yourself understanding a more well-rounded perspective thanks to the open-mindedness of Gemini. Your shared experiences have the potential to get some support, so make sure there isn’t any one-sidedness in the area of joint finances, intimacy, etc. You might find yourself diving into the more eclectic curiosities of the world, like psychology, the occult, and other forms of magic. Let these curiosities provide a broader view of how you need to transform your life and more intimate experiences.


Sagittarius, with the Venus Star Point in Gemini, you have a lovely opportunity to connect to your relationships. A sudden realization that you need to spend more time socializing might compel you to make plans with the people in your life. Your relationships have the potential to find more harmony and balance right now, as you allow more communication to come into the fold. There is a strong emphasis on collaboration at the moment, so ensure you use your resources. VSP in Gemini is about sharing information to build stronger relationships, so don’t gatekeep anything that might allow you to foster those connections. This is a positive time to let others into your world.


The Venus Star Point in Gemini has excellent news for your work and health, Capricorn. You might find that you are becoming more aware of how you spend your time day-to-day, from when you wake up right up until bedtime. Is there enough joy here? Do you have enough variety in your day to push yourself not to get too comfortable? With the VSP in Gemini, creating plans for taking better care of yourself and structuring your day is helpful. Researching techniques to allow for a mixture of work and pleasure could surprise you! The Gemini VSP helps you to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices by making you like a sponge, ready to consume more and more knowledge.


What a lovely day for play, Aquarius! With the Venus Star Point, you might notice that you are letting your hair down and having a good time. The VSP in Gemini will be activating all of your pleasure centers. Whether hobbies, hoopla, or hookups, you might be willing to throw caution to the wind and indulge in what you desire during this time. The beauty of this Gemini influence on the VSP is that you understand the air sign curiosity. Let yourself flow into what makes you feel good today. You might feel compelled to start some artistic endeavor. You may want to go out and have a drink and flirt with a stranger. Regardless of what you do, remember that your strength is your pulse on society. So use that pulse to guide you toward new and exciting opportunities to be a part of something.


Pisces, your focus will be on building bridges between yourself and those you love. The Venus Star Point is a reminder to ensure that those pathways to be with them remain open. You might notice that you are finding better ways to connect with the family unit, whether by shifting your communication style or your boundaries with them. With the Gemini influence currently, you get the opportunity to breathe fresh life into your home. This action could look like redecorating, cleaning up the clutter, and making your living space more emotionally and aesthetically pleasing. Consider how you need to refresh your sanctuary and reconnect with your roots.