June Horoscope: The 5 Zodiac Signs In For a Whirlwind Summer

by Cole Prots

twins in matching suits with braided hair as ties
Illustration by Ashley Peña

After several months of tense astrology, the universe gave us a bit of a break in May—and June also promises to bring plenty of auspicious transits. This month is flooded with Gemini and Cancer energy, forcing us to consider how we communicate and nurture. As the month begins, there is a big push to get out into the world and stimulate the senses through sharing information and socializing with new groups of people. As the month settles, creativity will grow, and you’ll likely find yourself bringing necessary healing energy into your home.

June begins with Mercury, the planet of information, moving into Gemini. Mercury is delighted to be in Gemini because that is its home. Mercury will move into Cancer later in the month, on June 17, but until then, focus on ways to embrace the gift of gab. Mercury in Gemini encourages learning for the sake of learning, and communicating everything that’s on your mind—and heart. For two weeks, you might notice that you are more curious about the world around you; this could manifest in your reading more, asking questions, or connecting with others in general. Once Mercury moves into Cancer, that chatty energy starts to slow down. This is not to say that Mercury in Cancer restricts your ability to communicate, but it does shift the focus toward home and family. At the end of the month, you will take what you learned from the beginning of June and apply it to connecting with your home center. It is an excellent time to catch up with loved ones over a picnic.

The pleasure planets Mars and Venus will also shift into Taurus and Cancer this month. Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and exertion of energy, moves into Taurus on June 9. This will help support the buzzy social energy, by adding slow and patient pacing to your actions. With Mars in Taurus, you might find yourself working hard but not overdoing it because Taurus only works as much as they want to. With Mars in Taurus, think about working smarter, and focusing on each task. One project at a time will help you work more efficiently under this energy. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and creativity, moves into Cancer on June 17. The first half of the month is filled with playfulness with Venus in Gemini. When Venus moves into Cancer, that playfulness shifts to compassion. This transit allows you to be more sensitive and caring in your relationships, since you’re bound to be reminded of how they nurture your soul.

All the personal are planets making moves to help relationships and actions be more deliberate (but still open-minded!). So it’s no surprise that the new moon and the full moon this month will do the same. The new moon, on June 6, is in Gemini—and picks up a lot of social and inquisitive Gemini energy necessary for pushing you to learn new tricks from uncharted spaces. The new moon will sit close to Venus, making it a fabulous time to start new relationships and creative projects. As the month ends, The full moon on June 21 in Capricorn will help tie up any loose ends on work-related endeavors you started six months ago. Full moons permanently close the cycle, and the full moon in Capricorn is helping us close the chapter on six months of hard work, planning, and maturation. Consider how you have been challenged to grow since mid January and what lessons have encouraged you to take more responsibility.

June has a very chill tone. This summer radiates summer of 2015 vibes: good music, promising opportunities, and a sense of loving nostalgia that reminds us what matters—our relationships and love. As always, read your rising sign for the most accurate view of your month ahead. Sending you all the best, chickadee.


The month of June promises some good opportunities on the financial front. With your ruling planet, Mars, moving into Taurus, start putting more effort into making the money moves that you may have been postponing recently. With Mars in Taurus, allow yourself to be motivated by your desires and use that to help catapult your next big project. Your self-worth will be the key to success, so respect yourself and your achievements. Additionally, this will be a month of education and learning for you, with plenty of opportunities to connect with other curious minds who want to chat and debate. You might find that you are reconnecting with siblings and other family members later in the month, so appreciate the time you have with them.


June might just give you the kick in the pants you have been waiting for! With Mars moving into your sign, you will be motivated to get out of this recent two-or-so-month slump and back into the world. Your ruling planet, Venus, has been supporting your ability to see yourself in a more positive light while allowing your material world to flourish. Now that Mars also supports you, you have no excuse not to execute the vision you’ve laid out for yourself. Being ruled by Venus, you might notice that the end of the month is more social for you. With Venus in Cancer, you get to appreciate your connections more authentically, as it will encourage you to be more direct and present with the people around you. The key is to stop waiting for the best time or moment and start carving it out for yourself.


Your time to shine is now. There has been a long-standing transit since last March that’s making it difficult for your bubbly personality to be on 24/7. But have no fear, because you will catch a break this month. Mercury’s ruling planet will bounce in and out of your sign, then into the next quickly—which is good for you, because you tend to get bored by too much of the same. Mercury’s movements will allow you to take the connections you built at the beginning of this month and use them to remind you of your strength as a communicator. The new moon at the beginning of the month is the breath of fresh air you have been waiting for: it will allow you to start a new chapter of self-identification and understanding of who you truly are. The key this month is to fully embrace every facet of your personality and not stray away from the chance to express yourself authentically.


June will be very healing for you. The beginning of the month, in particular, will be a time to explore the shadow side of yourself by tapping into your natural spiritual energy. The moon rules you, so the new moon and full moon in particular will be times for awareness and release. Consider how you can learn about yourself by listening to others. You don’t necessarily have to take what they say as gospel, but it would be beneficial for you to carve out some time to learn about how other people conduct their shadow work and healing. At the end of the month, the full moon will help you not only take accountability in your relationships but also let go of the ones that no longer serve you or your growth. You will feel the push to be a bit more selfish to preserve your energy, so don’t feel wrong about creating necessary boundaries with others.


June will be an excellent time for strategizing and looking forward to what’s next. Once Mars shifts into Taurus, you will feel that your professional world is taking center stage—that you’re more motivated to execute necessary projects. Be careful, however, as Mars is still the planet of aggression, and you are sometimes stubborn. Don’t let your drive cloud your vision from the potential collaborative efforts you might be presented with this month. Being ruled by the sun, you will feel a light shining on your social groups and your dreams for most of this month. June is the time to consider what you want the next chapter of your life to look like. What can you do individually to get yourself there, but more importantly, what support systems do you need to help make that dream a reality? Lean into learning from your friends and colleagues.


During the next month, career aspirations will be your primary focus. With your ruling planet, Mercury, spending the first half of the month activating your professional life, think about what conversations you need to have and the kinds of plans you need to make. Being ruled by Mercury, you exist in a naturally fast-paced atmosphere. Let this momentum help swing the pendulum in a direction that aligns more with what you hope to achieve. You might have to add some extra responsibilities, but that is part of the journey. Do some severe manifestation around the new moon—that’ll be a beautiful portal to walk through. The new moon invites new endeavors and relationships on the professional front. The key to June is to learn from the past and pivot for the future. Don’t limit your perspective right now—be open to the changes you need to experience.


June holds some excellent potential for you, Libra. The beginning of the month is filled with adventure and opportunities to connect with yourself and the world on a deeper level. Being Venus-ruled, the first half of the month is about finding beauty in unexpected places. You will find that your relationships are (positively) pushing boundaries. A weekend getaway could be the perfect solution to any plateaus you might be experiencing. As the month progresses, you will build stronger relationships at work by leading with empathy. In any professional setting, we are taught to leave our personal lives at the door—but that doesn’t mean we have to be cold to our coworkers. When you get frustrated with someone, remember that they, too, are going through something you aren’t aware of, so give them some grace.


Despite June breezing through, relationship lessons from last month still linger. Mars rules you, dear Scorpio, and the planet is moving into your sister’s sign, Taurus, activating lessons in compromise. Being Mars-ruled means you might have difficulty letting someone else get their way. Through June, you will feel called to be more present in your relationships and take action to acknowledge other people’s perspectives. Acknowledging where someone is in their life will be an essential reminder as you are motivated to build stronger connections. Throughout this month, there is also a lesson in humility: take a good look at yourself and what you are still holding onto. Don’t let your stubborn side win over the next few weeks. You can still keep yourself and others to a particular standard, but you have to be able to acknowledge when that standard comes from a place of fear of being seen or being rejected.


The beginning of June will bring so much joy into your life. As a Sagittarius, you are ruled by Jupiter, which recently moved into your sister’s sign, Gemini. With this and so many other planets in Gemini, you’ll notice that the month will kick off with lots of good times with the people around you. Lead with your playful energy; you take the world in strides and roll with the punches. Say yes to opportunities to get out of the house and into the arms of the people who celebrate you for all that you are. As the month comes to a close, you might notice that by working on your relationships, you are also working on yourself. Expect to learn more about what areas you still need to heal and facets of your self-worth that require nurturing. In all, June is when you can shake off the dust and smile, knowing there is love around the corner.


The hard-headed and even harder-working sign gets a free ride this month. That’s not to say you would ever be so lax to not put in effort, but there is a nice shift letting you drop your shoulders and settle into your daily life. The beginning of the month can benefit your health and wellness if you allow yourself to flow. Flow can be complex for a Saturn-ruled individual who thrives on structure, but the flow is necessary for expanding your potential. You can keep yourself accountable for everything you need to get done, but when you find yourself in moments of relaxation, let yourself get lost and see where it takes you. This will be a positive month overall for work — so don’t push yourself too hard. As June closes, the full moon will help you release unnecessary expectations and help ground you in realism.


The beginning of June is going to be hot! The temperature is rising, and your love life might get steamy, too. The new moon, in particular, is a fabulous time to think about what pleasures you need more of in this life. If you have been hoping to get back out in the dating work or spice up your current relationship, use the new moon as a chance to manifest and plan for how you will make that shift. You might also be reminded of the simple pleasures that help you release the stress of everyday life and take care of that inner child. As the month ends, the full moon might bring up some old fears or anxieties that could halt the good vibes for a moment. Don’t get caught swimming in your mind, but rather reflect on why these stressors are triggering you now. Consider what external indulgences could help remind you that everything will be okay.


June helps bring healing to you, Pisces. You might notice that you feel waves of nostalgia and déjà vu throughout the month, which will help you be more aware of your upbringing and family relations. With your intense emotions and deep empathy, you might find it difficult to reconcile with family drama times—but all that will change this month. The universe is encouraging you to consider a reintroduction to the family unit. Whether that means spending time and having the family share who they are now or just shifting how you present and connect with them, consider adding a bit of change to your home. As the month goes on, you will find that you are becoming more attuned to how the world around you and your desires must be in better harmony. The full moon in Capricorn might wake you up to the realization of your dreams and desires and the people helping or hindering them. Let go of the expectation that everyone else should have their fill before you.