Even Kylie Jenner is Sick of the New Instagram

Kylie Jenner posing in a blue sequin dress for an Instagram post
Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Kylie Jenner is mad at Meta. No, not for the large role the company has taken in destabilizing our democracy, but because it isn’t displaying enough photos of her friends. On Monday, Jenner shared a post on her Instagram story begging the social media account to return to its glory days, back when filters were a must, and avocado toast ruled the platform.

The post, created by photographer Tati Bruening over the weekend, reads in large letters, “Make Instagram Instagram Again.” Underneath, in parenthesis, the message continues, “Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute photos of my friends.” The note then signs off with, “Sincerely, Everyone.” Jenner added her own message to the post, writing “Pleaseeeeeee” at the bottom of her story.


To be fair, Jenner is far from the only person to make this complaint (Bruening’s post already has well over a million likes). Ever since TikTok came around a few years back, Instagram has been trying to keep up with the increasingly popular app. They attempted to enter the short form video game with the creation and subsequent push of Reels, but those who spend numerous hours scrolling on their “For You Page” know, Reels is just missing TikTok’s panache (and scarily accurate suggestion algorithm). Still, Instagram continues to attempt to bridge the gap, and now, a new algorithm has seemingly exacerbated the problem. So, while many (including Jenner) go to Instagram to see their friend’s vacation photos, cute puppies, and outfit inspiration, they’re getting bombarded with Instagram Reels that were viral on TikTok two weeks ago and sponsored posts.

Likely, Bruening’s post will do nothing. Instagram’s latest app tinkering likely has more to do with profit than it does customer satisfaction. Of course, if they’re going to take advice from anyone on the platform, it would probably be Jenner, the second most followed person on Instagram (behind only Cristiano Ronaldo). At the very least, Jenner just helped that post get a whole lot more attention, so maybe Instagram will have no choice but respond.