How October 2023’s Eclipses Will Affect Each of the Zodiac Signs

by Cole Prots

Illustration by Ashley Peña

It’s time to grab your sparkling broomstick, because we’ve officially flown into spooky season. And hold onto your hat: it’s eclipse season, too. October is painting a fresh canvas with eclipses in Aries and Libra—when the universe gives us a cosmic megaphone to yell, “New beginnings, here we come!”

At times, eclipses can feel like roller coasters since they’re so amped up with urgency and intensity. They might seem a bit turbulent, with sprinklings of anxious energy here and there, but hey—expect the unexpected and let’s roll with the punches!

But before we dive into the eclipse drama, let’s talk about Pluto. It’s doing a happy dance because it’s stationing direct, lifting that internal-battle weight off our shoulders. Resistance? Sayonara! It’s time to embrace change with a jazzed-up attitude.

Let’s address the elephant in the room—fear. During October, and Halloween specifically, fear wears a funny hat and takes a lighter tone. Meanwhile, the astro energy whispers, “Don’t resist fear: face it, acknowledge it.”

As Pluto retrograde steps aside, eclipses take the spotlight—a gateway to transformation, waving us into a new chapter. Say farewell to that stagnation and hello to a fall revival. Take the reins, steer yourself out of that sense of being “stuck,” and make a run for it. This might sound like a whirlwind, but October is when the universe will tell you, “Hey, here’s a lightbulb moment!” It’s time to realize where we’ve been holding ourselves back because of fears and the expectations we imagine others have for us. So dive in, embrace the cosmic vibes, and read up on your sun, moon, and rising signs in this horoscope. Let’s make this October an epic journey through the stars.


Aries, October will be a relationship roller coaster for you—one that focuses on intimacy and solid bonds. You’ve got that natural fire and dynamo personality, always charging forward fearlessly. But sometimes all that vigor can make you miss out on the depth needed to really see where you stand in your relationships. Guess what? The solar eclipse is throwing a serious spotlight on your relationship zone. New faces and opportunities might stroll into your life—don’t shy away from them. Embrace the chance to build strong, genuine connections.

To truly tap into this cosmic energy, let’s talk about the zone that’s all about intimacy, shared experiences, and yes, the bedroom! Are you moving into the future solo, or are you open to others actively being part of your journey and decisions? This is a reminder to shift from “me” to “we.” Make this a month of awesome connections.


Taurus, consider this month a cosmic GPS asking you to reenter and reroute yourself, especially in terms of your material world. Pause for a moment and take a closer look at the stuff around you. Do you genuinely vibe with the things you own and the places you’re in? Are you truly letting yourself enjoy life to the fullest? Or maybe—just maybe—are you holding back in relationships because of your comfy zones or your self-perception?

Here’s the biggie for October: Unleash the fun, my friend! Give yourself that green light to enjoy life, not just for the sake of it, but also as a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Dive into understanding what kind of environment truly brings you joy. Ask yourself: are you putting in effort to find joy in the little things, or are you kind of being your own joy traffic cop, restricting the indulgence you deserve? Treat yourself like the VIP you are—let loose a bit, Taurus, and allow joy to be your compass!


October’s your month to gather your cosmic ducks in a row—literally. Let’s talk about getting your act together, in the most literal sense. It’s time to reflect on the fun and playfulness you’ve been embracing—and maybe introduce a dash of structure back into your life. I’m not saying you should ditch the joy; absolutely not! Focus on what sparks your happiness, but also, this month nudges you towards aligning and repositioning for the long haul.

Gemini energy is all about that breezy, go-with-the-flow vibe, and I love it! But imagine sprinkling a pinch of intention into your daily routine—small changes, slight structure. You know what that does? It sets the stage for your long-term success while maintaining that freedom you adore. Here’s a little piece of wisdom: Freedom isn’t about dodging responsibility. It’s about creating space and opportunities to do what you love. Sometimes, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and dive into the work to make that happen.


Cancer, you’ve got that cozy, home-loving vibe, which is awesome. But this October, how about we sprinkle in a little adventure? The magic of this month is that it gently nudges you to step out of that homebody zone. It’s an invite to see whether you’ve been nesting a tad too much and to recognize the folks who truly bring you comfort and security.

Here’s the deal: Change might be in the air, especially with your social circles and community. Things that used to be rock-solid might shift a bit. But just because something loses its grip on you doesn’t mean the lessons it taught were in vain. When it comes to your home life and career, steady on, dear Cancer. Feel the impulses, the a-ha moments, but don’t let them toss your life into a whirlwind. Stay grounded, be rational, and find that sweet spot between comfort and growth. You’ve got this!


At the start of the month, you’re all about being social, diving into conversations, and soaking up new knowledge. But as the month rolls on, you might start craving that chill time, just you and your space. It’s all part of the comedown from the Leo summer rollercoaster! Leo season kicks off with a bang, loads of social buzz, and gatherings galore. But you’ve got to remember to hit the reset button, too. October’s like a warm invitation to recharge those Leo batteries.

Grab a good read, cozy up with your favorite people and places—it’s your time to find that sweet energy boost again. Don’t let FOMO get in the way of the healing vibes you need. Embrace the comfy moments, Leo!


Money matters—and this month could treat you well in that department. Take a beat to ponder and truly grasp where your investments have been heading. You’re a go-getter, always after the logical path, but is it really giving you the satisfaction you crave? It’s a Virgo thing, aiming for that practical route, even if it doesn’t light your fire. Throughout October, let’s dig into what truly matters to you. Check whether your daily efforts align with those values and if your possessions are bringing you the joy you think they are.

Don’t hesitate to explore new professional horizons this month. Spruce up that résumé and take a walk on different career lanes. The material world has plenty of doors; it’s time to peek inside!


Libra, you’re the relationship maestro, but ask yourself: deep down, who’s the real you? October is here to nudge you into a cozy tête-à-tête with yourself, a deep dive into “you” time. While keeping those social fires burning, make sure you’re not losing sight of you amid it all. This month is like a personal reunion with yourself—that might sound a bit strange, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Challenge yourself to question and wonder about what you truly want and what resonates with the core of your being.

What’s amazing about this month? It’s a chance to embrace your authentic truth and dive into that spiritual, intuitive side of yourself. Remember, it’s your season, Libra, so breathe in your individuality. Let this October be about understanding and embracing the magnificent you—along with what your heart truly yearns for.


Scorpio, this month, let’s dive into those fears you might have about living up to others’ expectations. It’s time to build trust in yourself through some honest, heart-to-heart chats with, well, yourself! Let’s address the beliefs you’ve held onto, the ones that have been influenced by worrying about how others perceive your true potential. October, the beginning of Scorpio season, is your moment to embrace your fears and understand that those expectations don’t define you.

Let go of those beliefs created from fretting over what others might gossip about. Grab the reins and steer your life in the direction you desire. Trust yourself, Scorpio, and don’t let fear clip your wings.


Feeling a bit stuck in a rut lately? Is the usual adventurous and lively version of you taking a little break? Don’t sweat it; we all need to pump the brakes sometimes to hit the gas later. Life’s an ongoing road trip, right? And occasionally, you’ve got to pull over for a pit stop to keep cruising toward your destination. But here’s the scoop for October: take a good, hard look at your own drive and ambition. Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the world around us can throw us off track.

You’re a Sagittarius, full of adaptability and usually not one for excuses—you’re all about taking action. But this month, dig deep and question whether you’ve been finding reasons to hold back on the changes and opportunities you’ve been eyeing. I’m not saying you’ve intentionally put the brakes on your potential, but reflect on any excuses you might’ve made. Are you truly addressing what’s been blocking your path and causing those feelings of being stuck or limited?


Pluto’s finally wrapping up its retrograde journey in your sign. I totally get that dealing with Pluto’s energy in Capricorn has been a serious challenge for many of us Capricorns (it’s like trying to navigate a tricky maze!). As we step into October, let’s take a trip down memory lane (since April) and reflect on the changes and tensions you’ve faced. Capricorns, being the captains of the Earth signs, usually like to steer the ship and charge toward their goals fearlessly. But here’s a gem of wisdom for October: recognize where you can and can’t control everything. It’s totally okay to ask for a helping hand, some support, or to share the responsibilities you’ve been shouldering solo.

This October, is about finding comfort, not only in acknowledging your dreams and what you rightfully deserve, but also in reaching out for the support that can catapult you toward those dreams. October is like your cosmic cheerleader, urging you forward—you just need to be open to embracing the help on offer.


Aquarius, October is about shedding those heavy expectations off your shoulders. You’ve got this innate ability to understand what others are going through—you’re like a secret empath, always tuned in and super aware. However, this can sometimes make you hold yourself to certain societal standards. I want you to hit pause on comparing yourself to the typical mold. Instead, focus on comparing yourself to who you truly are and what you genuinely want. What legacy do you want to leave in this world? Are you embracing that vision?

Here’s the deal for October: ponder how your rebellious and innovative spirit might sometimes clash with your authentic self. Being unique is awesome, and you’re nailing that just by being you! No need to force change or innovation just for the sake of it.


Pisces, the past few months might’ve been a bit of a struggle. Feeling like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders? Well, October’s here to sprinkle some fun and spooky vibes into your life. It’s essential to cut loose and let yourself enjoy the season. Embrace the thrills and chills, my friend! And another thing—it’s totally fine to feel what you’re feeling and express yourself. Don’t bottle it up, let it out!

I get it, Pisces energy sometimes fears going to extremes and worries about how others might see what you’re going through. But this month is all about finding peace in knowing you’ve got a squad in your corner. You’re a natural healer and a generous soul, always giving. But now, it’s time to also be open to receiving the love, support, and help you freely give.