8 Chic Candles That Are Perfect for Spring

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Photograph by Charlotte Wales; Styled by Katie Grand
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Scents of all kinds constantly stir up emotion and memories, often transporting us to far-away places—even if we’ve been confined in the same space all day. The tranquil act of burning a candle can not only offer your psyche a welcome respite, depending on the notes, it can uplift and brighten your home and your mood as well. We’ve assembled below a collection of the most remarkable candles—each with their own specialized vibe—to soothe and uplift you this spring.

An intoxicating crisply scented candle, Green Tomato Vine is one of six new scents from Jo Malone’s Townhouse Collection. The candles, all of which are encased in ceramic, were inspired by the brand’s Georgian townhome headquarters in London.

Mood: Captures the smell and feel of the quintessential English garden.

Tiaré blossoms and frangipani notes are mixed with jasmine and coconut oil to give off a decadent and luxurious scent.

Mood: A tropical vacation that doesn’t require leaving your home.

A watery yet vivid and sweet mixture of honeyed Neroli with a slight hint of musk.

Mood: Ideal for spring afternoons or early evening gatherings over dinner—soft and subtle, with harmonious, unobtrusive notes.

A tranquil fragrance that initially gives off earthy notes of pine, eucalyptus, clove, and vanilla. As the candle burns off, new notes of oolong, geranium, and earth moss emerge. The latest Aerangis creation offers biodegradable packaging—and after the candle has finished, the empty candle jar can be used as a flower pot by moistening the paper top and adding soil.

Mood: A calming scent meant to mimic a peaceful garden at dawn.

One of three new scents from prestigious French candlemaker and perfumer Cire Trudon’s Les Belles Matières collection, Salta chiefly burns off a sweet, citrus aroma without being too overpowering. This candle uses the three main fruits heralded by ancient Chinese tradition: peach, lemon, and grapefruit.

Mood: Full and fruity.

A floral candle that relies mainly on amber—valued not just for its lavish scent but its healing properties—to produce its spirited perfume. La Rose Aime L’Ambre is ideal for those cold spring mornings that, by late afternoon, bring in warm light. The smell of rose burns deep, fresh, and most importantly, clean, adding a nice touch to whatever room you’re in.

Mood: An effervescent floral bouquet.

A steady celebrity favorite since the candle came out in 2021, this uplifting scent utilizes fresh vetiver, sandalwood, and amberwood. It is also a candle with a conscience—namesake sixteen-year-old Ava Grace lost her battle with brain cancer, and her family created this candle in her memory. All proceeds benefit the neuro-oncology program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Mood: Fresh, uplifting, and happy.

Steering away from the conventional sweet floral aromas of spring, this is more of a musky, sensual candle. Oud ties together smoky notes with hints of leather.

Mood: Luxury cabin feels—think glamping at a remote spot in the mountains.

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