10 Products the Backstage Beauty Pros Recommend

From the eyeliner used at Thakoon to the mascara from Altuzarra, here’s a guide to the best discoveries of the week.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week we talked to the models about what music they’re listening to, the designers about what inspired them, and the beauty pros about how they keep calm. We also asked all of the above what beauty products they love most, because, why not?

Here, a breakdown of the 10 best hair, makeup, and skincare products we discovered backstage at fashion week:

10 New Beauty Products to Try Now

Photo by Craig McDean, styled by Alex White. Hair by Didier Malige; makeup by Lucia Pieroni; manicure by Yuna Park. Model: Coco Rocha.

Despite not being a fan of “gourmand” scents, this is an exception. First, gourmand usually refers to sweet foods, like vanilla frosting or gingerbread cookies, and are, thus, overly sweet. This is just fresh. This mist isn’t an attempt at recreating sage. It smells exactly like the herb I pick from my garden, which is my happy place. And that is why I have come to rely on it during the most hectic of days. Who cares that it makes me crave pasta?

Wildcare Ojai White Sage Hydrosol $18,

When new arrivals from Glossier show up at the office, we jump. When it’s skincare, we jump higher. The new trio of skin care is called the Supers: Super Glow, Super Pure and Super Bounce, a silky gel loaded with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. It’s like a wake-up call for my jowls and cheekbones.

Glossier Super Bounce $28,

After downing a handful of gummie bears for lunch at my desk, my skin protests by flaring up in red blotches. This clear oxygen-rich gel calms it back down, and it also happens to be amazing at speeding up wound healing.

Lumium Oxygen Serum, $38,

As Diane Kendal pointed out backstage at Thakoon, pencil can do double duty as eyeshadow. “It gives a nice dewy glow,” she explained. “You don’t get that effect with powder.” My favorite is the new Midnight Brown shade.

Burberry Eye Colour Contour $29,

I couldn’t stop staring at the thick, sexy and long lashes on the models at Altuzarra. When I asked makeup artist Tom Pecheux how he accomplished this look, he said, “Two mascaras,” but held up only one. “One brush works on the length, and the other inside it, works on the volume,” he explains.

Mac Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash mascara $23,

When I asked manicurist Julie Kandalec how she always manages to stay looking fresh and glowing backstage, she says she always applies oil over her makeup to get a nice dewy finish. I’ve done that for years, too, but I’m always switching up what I use. This stuff isn’t too goopy and smells really relaxing.

Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil &75,

The only thing worse than red skin on camera is red and SHINY skin on camera. I’ve taken to dusting my cheeks, nose and forehead with this powder that is light as air but makes skin very camera-ready—even if said camera is just an iPhone.

La Mer The Powder $95,

I sprayed this in before a blowout earlier this week and could not get over how unbelievably soft and silky my hair felt.

Show Riche Leave-In Conditioner $45,

The mist in this spray is super light, but its hold is formidable. Translation? It keeps my ponytail’s baby hairs in place without looking like straw.

Ouai Medium Hair Spray $26,