“Peter. Marino. If that doesn’t make you shut the fuck up, I don’t know what will,” boomed the BOFFO benefit’s Master of Ceremonies LadyFag (above), as Marino—one of the evening’s honorees—preened and flexed on...


It was an evening of one-upmanship—wild outfits (Michelle Harper’s “S&M flapper” look), artwork hanging almost everywhere (including a silent auction of work from BOFFO collaborators and supporters) and “musical performances from models” including the charming Ryan Koning and soulful Tatiana Pajkovic on the 10th floor and Sebastian Perrin’s stylings on the 9th. The apartment itself (the 9th and 10th floors of the new HL23 building) provided lots of distraction with killer views of the city and High Line, and there was even the promise of “Free Gold” on the invitation (which came in the form of gold bricks given out as guests left—bricks spray painted gold that is from Zena Verda Pesta’s installation in the lobby). But even still, it was two pigs that easily stole the show…two literal pigs (”brand ambassadors” for Whistlepig Whiskey) that paraded around on leashes in sparkly get ups. As LadyFag put it, gesturing at the crowd, “Most of us are the art in New York.”

Photos: Patrick McMullan Company