Adriana Lima Steams Up Vince Camuto

Adriana Lima and Vince and Louise Camuto hosted the opening of the Vince Camuto Signature flagship store.

What: The opening of the VC Signature flagship store, hosted by Adriana Lima and Vince and Louise Camuto

Where: Madison Avenue

When: Tuesday, June 11.

Who: Tory Burch, Marisa Noel Brown, Jennifer Creel, and Lima’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson were joined by a host of young Wall Street types, clearly not there just to buy shoes for their girlfriends.

Why: For many, a chance to be inches away from Lima, who fully lived up to her beauty icon status (and received an arrangement of birthday cupcakes). And there was also a charitable angle: 20% percent of the evening’s proceeds were donated to New Yorkers for Children.

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency