Adriana Lima Steams Up Vince Camuto

Adriana Lima and Vince and Louise Camuto hosted the opening of the Vince Camuto Signature flagship store.

VC Signature Flagship Store Opening Hosted by VINCE and LOUISE CAMUTO & ADRIANA LIMA

What: The opening of the VC Signature flagship store, hosted by Adriana Lima and Vince and Louise Camuto

Where: Madison Avenue

When: Tuesday, June 11.

Who: Tory Burch, Marisa Noel Brown, Jennifer Creel, and Lima’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson were joined by a host of young Wall Street types, clearly not there just to buy shoes for their girlfriends.

Why: For many, a chance to be inches away from Lima, who fully lived up to her beauty icon status (and received an arrangement of birthday cupcakes). And there was also a charitable angle: 20% percent of the evening’s proceeds were donated to New Yorkers for Children.

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency