Style Maker: Agyness Deyn

The model-turned-actress launches her own men’s wear-inspired collection.

Agyness Deyn
Photographer: Peter Ash Lee

Agyness Deyn, the English model-turned-actress who is based in Los Angeles, has a wardrobe full of designer confections. But mainly she sports trousers and knitwear stolen from her husband, the actor Giovanni Ribisi. “I like the way men’s wear hangs off the body,” Deyn explains. Along with her design partner, Tracy Moore, and her sister Emily Deyn, she has launched Title A, a line of men’s wear–inspired pieces with feminine allure. “We were craving clothes like that,” Agyness says. “We figured other women were, too.” The debut collection, which is available on, includes low-slung jacquard pencil skirts, washed-silk shirts, smoking-jacket dresses, and twill suiting cut loose around the body and slim in the sleeves. They’re seasonless clothes—“L.A. in the spring is very different than London in the spring”—that top out around $600. Says Agyness, “It’s a very grounded collection.”