Alicia Vikander In Real Life

The actress opens up about her starring role as a robot in Ex Machina.

Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac

In Alex Garland’s new film, Ex Machina, W’s April 2015 cover star Alicia Vikander plays Ava, a stunning A.I., who is the creation of Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac), the reclusive CEO of an Internet search engine. A young programmer (Domhall Gleeson) wins a competition to spend a week at Bateman’s mountain estate, where he is forced to play a role in a bizarre experiment in artificial intelligence. “I think many actors are looking for parts or characters that will take them out of their comfort zone,” said Vikander at a screening of the film on Monday night at the Crosby Hotel. “What I found interesting [about playing Ava] was that she’s a more sublime human. By being a bit more perfect in her movements, she became weirdly enough a bit more robotic. It was about not trying to play a robot while playing a robot, and instead trying to play a girl who is aiming to be a perfect human.” Note bene: the Louis Vuitton-clad Vikander looked pretty close to perfection, as well.

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Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac. Photo by Aurora Rose/Starpix.

Darren Criss. Photo by Aurora Rose/Starpix.

Paul Haggis and Terry George. Photo by Aurora Rose/Starpix.