Also known as @PonytailJournal

Blogger Lauren Yates answers our social q’s.

Lauren Yates Ponytail Journal

Lauren Yates, aka @PonytailJournal, is an Australian/Chinese/Thai fashion and food blogger who created the term W’menswear to define her gender-blending style. She’s since become a muse for designers like Nigel Cabourn and is a frequent contributor to publications like Vogue Australia and Condé Nast Traveler. To kick off New York Men’s Fashion Week, Lauren shares her W’menswear social media wisdom.

Occupation: Internet patchworker.

Define your Instagram style in three hashtags:

wmenswear #muchdelicious #funnestlifepossible

How do you define #Wmenswear? W’menswear is the product of my nerdy love for dude clothes. It has become the perfect way to describe my style, as a woman who enjoys the spirit of menswear, equipped with a wardrobe bursting full of vintage military, heritage wear, and workwear. I’ve just started @wmenswear for my line of fishing clothes for lasses.

Your first Instagram: Selfie with a milk mustache.

What is your favorite thing to post? People who have RAD style.

How many selfies do you take before posting? Three.

The secret to getting a great runway shot: For a photographer, test your light, find a good spot, use a fast lens, share looks that you dig. For those on the runway, clear your mind and walk like the beautiful creature you are.

How do you get away with Instagramming food? Be honest, share things you find tasty or say why it wasn’t all that. Try to take the photo in natural light, and never let the photography distract you from the dining experience. No flash.

The one thing you would never post: A man walking on his hands, wearing a suit of ham that’s covered in jam.

#Nofilter or filter? No filter.

Most geo-tagged location: Bangkok.

Greatest hits: A picture of me wearing a camo suit on Nigel Cabourn’s Surly fat bike in London.

5 favorite accounts to follow: @jean_jullien, @stopitrightnow, @leandramedine, @jjjjound, and @fatandfuriousburger.

Social media pet peeve: Publishing things that are way too personal for the Internet. #awkward.

Your secret to social media success? Don’t publish things that are not 100% you.