Amandla Stenberg Is Back with a New Movie and a New Spring Suit

For a screening of ‘Everything Everything,’ Stenberg opts for monochrome Emilio Pucci.

In her new romance film Everything Everything, Amandla Stenberg, best known for her work in The Hunger Games, plays a young woman named Maddy Whittier, afflicted with a debilitating immunodeficiency syndrome that prevents her from leaving her home for fear of getting sick. She meets, and falls for, Olly, played by Nick Robinson, and starts to plot for a life beyond her sanitized bubble, where she lives with her mother, played by actress Anika Noni Rose of Dreamgirls fame. It’s like Safe meets The Fault in Our Stars, with a sudden twist ending for good measure.

“I want to make sure my projects have an impact. I want to make sure they’re able to either infiltrate into a viewer or affect it, but at least challenging people, whether or not that’s consciously or subconsciously,” Stenberg told me in late February on the eve of the release of her previous film As You Are, describing Everything Everything as “a project that’s going to be distributed very widely and receive a lot of exposure but it’s still powerful just because it has a black girl as the lead, whereas that traditionally would be given to white women.” Everything Everything is finally here—and Stenberg brought her style A-game to the latest screening, at New York’s cult Metrograph theater, the cinephile’s favorite cinema.

Amandla Stenberg in Emilio Pucci at the premiere of Everything Everything in New York, New York, April 2017.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Who: Amandla Stenberg.

When: Sunday, April 30.

Where: A screening of Everything Everything, Stenberg’s new teen romance film with Nick Robinson, at the Metrograph theater in New York, New York.

What: A faded salmon-pink double-breasted suit jacket with matching wide-leg trousers and a half-zip sweater with a hoop zip by Emilio Pucci from the Fall 2017 collection.

Why: We’re quickly learning the best style hack is the head-to-toe monochrome. While Emilio Pucci might be best-known for that iconic paisley print, which populated many of the looks on the brand’s latest runway, Stenberg opts for something outside of the norm, a different colorway of the dark periwinkle that appeared on the Fall 2017 runway. The faint salmon color is perfect for the sudden onset of spring, and the look blends menswear with an ultra-feminine ’70s edge—Stenberg has always had a knack for looks that defy gender conventions, and the latest is no exception.