It's been over a year since it was announced that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting divorced. One asset they will not be dividing up in the process, however, is their wine estate, Miraval, which houses the chateau where the couple exchanged vows on August 23, 2014. Despite reports from last March that Pitt and Jolie were looking to sell the 1,100-acre estate they purchased for $60 million in 2011 — and since put an estimated $10-12 million into with renovations — “nothing has changed,” a source told People. The parents of six are going to continue to use Miraval “as an investment for their children.”

In fact, Miraval's latest release will debut this week — and their names will still be on the bottle. The fifth installment of rosé is even being described as "very certainly our best vintage since we began in 2012," according to Pitt and Jolie's partner, winemaker Marc Perrin. "With magnificent aromas of fragrant white blossom and fruit, the wine retains that touch of distinctive minerality drawn from the limestone soils, that is the hallmark of the greatest French terroirs," he told People. “But what makes this 2017 vintage really stand out is its silky texture which adds a very special dimension to the wine.” Perrin also confirmed that Miraval wouldn't be going up for sale anytime soon to Conde Nast Traveler last January, saying, “For years we’ve seen tabloid reports that the Château de Miraval is for sale, but it’s not true.”

As for the state of their current relationship, Jolie offered an update to Vanity Fair over the summer, saying, “We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal. I was very worried about my mother, growing up—a lot. I do not want my children to be worried about me. I think it’s very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They need to know that everything’s going to be all right even when you’re not sure it is.”

Meanwhile, the pair allegedly filed "a court extension to continue to keep their case in the hands of a private judge," per MSN, meaning they have yet to finalize a custody or divorce agreement. Any that Brangelina fans may have for a potential reconciliation is also bolstered by a report from last August alleging that "everyone thinks they are going to get back together. It wouldn’t be surprising if they announced that they’re calling it off and trying to work things out." At least we'll always have Miraval.

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