Angelina Jolie Confirms It’s Possible She Will Eventually Run for Office

Is the actress pivoting to politics full-time?

Angelina Jolie meets Jens Stoltenberg at NATO headquarters in Brussels
Christophe Licoppe/Photonews via Getty Images

In her second act, Angelina Jolie has increasingly straddled the worlds of film and politics. The Maleficent star and mother of six embarked on a public speaking tour of sorts last year to raise awareness about female empowerment and her humanitarian efforts for the U.N., and soon that might become her everyday. While Jolie has been pressed before about whether she would consider running for office, the latest attempt at gleaning an answer confirms that it is a possibility.

“Never say never,” she recently said when asked if she would pivot to politics by People. “[But ] right now I am looking to others for leadership.” Jolie added, “I feel very blessed in my work to have the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people who spend their lives dedicated to others.”

She gave more of an explanation back in December when she was asked that question again. During her duties as a guest editor on the BBC’s Today radio show, she laughed at how far she’s come in her political journey: “Honestly, if you asked me 20 years ago, I would’ve laughed. I really don’t know—I always say I’ll go where I’m needed. I don’t know if I’m fit for politics, but then I’ve also joked that I don’t know if I have a skeleton left in my closet.”

Jolie didn’t rule out running for office then either, saying, “I’m pretty open and out there. I can take a lot on the chin, so that’s good. I honestly will do whatever I think can really make change.”

Right now, that includes working alongside the United Nations Refugee Agency, which she feels grateful for. “I am able to work with a U.N. agency that is the most in-the-field of all the U.N. agencies to do a lot of work directly with the people in need,” she said. “I’m also able to work with governments and I’m also able to work with militaries, and so I sit in a very interesting place of being able to get a lot done without a title and without it being about myself or my policies. So, for now, I’ll stay quiet.”