Actress, director and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is happy to see her six kids growing up. In a recent interview with Hello!, the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star revealed the upside to her children — who range from age eleven to eighteen — getting older, telling the magazine, "When your children are little you feel more 'mommy'. When they are teenagers you start to remember yourself as a teenager. You see them going to punk clubs and you wonder why you can't go. I'm in this fun moment where I’m rediscovering myself." (For what it's worth, Angie, we totally think you could go to a punk club anytime you want.)

In Paris to promote the new Mon Guerlain perfume Intense, the star said that the her top priority is teaching her children the value of "kindness to others and themselves." She continued, "It's important to be humble – know the freedoms you have and what you've been blessed with and make sure you help others. And always remember your place – we’re all human and very flawed. We're tiny pieces in a much bigger world....I try to lead by example and be kind and gracious, as my mother was – and loving and tolerant. But when there's a fight that needs to be had, get in there. We need to prepare the next generation because there’s so much happening in the world – they’re up against it."

According to Jolie, that kindness is already showing up in her kids, who "make [her] breakfast and pick [her] flowers" on Mother's Day. As for herself, she reflected, "When I do take time for myself, I rediscover that softness I speak of... I also realize I have more fight and resilience in me than I knew. But at my core I'm soft and vulnerable - it's not my dream just to be strong. I want to be allowed to be soft and I don’t want to be harmed or feel unsupported when I am." Girl, same.

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