Basel’s Boogie Nights

A party on Wednesday night took place at a pop-up roller disco in the middle of the beach.

Mara Hoffman

What: A roller disco party in the middle of Miami Beach.

When: Wednesday, December 3rd.

Where: The beach at the Faena Hotel.

Who: Asia Chow, Kyle DeWoody, Jean Pigozzi, Alexander Gilkes, Max Osterweis, Kate Foley, and Alan Faena, of course, in his signature top hat.

Why: On the third night of Art Basel week, the new Faena hotel set up a pop-up roller skating rink. Why not? Though perhaps stealing a page from the playbook of Ian Schrager – who has an ice skating rink at his Edition hotel – a roller disco is in keeping with the excess both the city and this week in particular are infamous for, and, if the previous days were any indication, that the hotel is hoping to turn into a signature. By then, it had already played host to two performances by the singer Andra Day, a surprise appearance by Rossy de Palma, and a lavish opening night party on Tuesday that drew the world’s best-known advocate of the newsboy cap, Leonardo DiCaprio. This beach party, thrown with W, wouldn’t have been complete without some gaudy 70’s accents. And so, there were even roller girls in gold body suits.

Photos: Basel’s Boogie Nights

Photo by BFA.

Mara Hoffman. Photo by BFA.

Allison Sarofim. Photo by BFA.

Yvonne Force Villareal. Photo by BFA.

Max Osterweis and Kate Foley. Photo by BFA.

. Photo by BFA.

Michaela Neumeister and Simon de Pury. Photo by BFA.

Lauren Goodman. Photo by BFA.

Casey Fremont. Photo by BFA.

Rose McGowan. Photo by BFA.

Miranda Makaroff. Photo by BFA.

Stacy Engman. Photo by BFA.

Toni Garrn. Photo by BFA.

Kyle DeWoody and Marco Brambilla. Photo by BFA.

Blair Voltz Clarke. Photo by BFA.

Jean Pigozzi. Photo by BFA.

Asia Chow. Photo by BFA.

Jamie Tisch. Photo by BFA.

Erica Pelosini. Photo by BFA.

Angie Harmon. Photo by BFA.

Johanna Bell. Photo by BFA.