Yigal Azrouel's men's show on Monday afternoon at the designer's Meatpacking District store, the party was in full swing--the vodka was flowing as the crowd watched the models sporting his much-coveted menswear collection. But this time, Azrouel added a twist to the show by collaborating on an interactive installation with product designer Dror Benshetrit and artist Dov Talpaz. The backdrop consisted of a wall, painted by Talpaz, made up of Benshetrit's own "square squared" system, a clever series of four interlocking L-shaped parts with no fastenings. When vertically stacked, they create a structurally secure, three-dimensional wall, and according to Benshetrit, the applications are limitless. He's not kidding; he's incorporating his concept into the two-story pre-fab house he's building with Azrouel in Costa Rica, and he's also launching a floor lamp using the system at the Salon di Mobile in Milan in April. But it's not the only trick he has up his sleeve. Perhaps the most impressive project the talented young creator has undertaken is the design of Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi. To take at peek at that, check out studiodror.com.