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Paris Hilton may have invented everything you're doing in 2017, but your favorite Instagram account is putting it all on display. Pop Culture Died in 2009 is bringing a pop culture museum to New York City in collaboration with the Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum (the people who brought you the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen museum last year) to open a gallery this summer dedicated to your favorite 2000s queens, including Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie.

The exhibit will be based on Richie's infamous Memorial Day 2007 barbecue, which resulted in multiple scandals, starting with Richie's e-vite and ending with Barton in an ambulance. Featuring art by Laura Collins, Derek Covington Smith, Tiny Stitchers (Ashley Chávez and Caroline Cristal), Lila Freeman, Randy G, Natassha Kwb, the MaVa, and Pop Aesthete, the pop culture museum will include some of the era's most iconic moments like Britney Spears, Hilton, and Lohan together in a car, Lohan wearing just a bikini and an ankle monitor, a triptych of Naomi Campbell's glamorous community service looks (which wound up in a shoot for W), and Winona Ryder in court, according to co-curators Matt Harkins and Viviana Rosales Olen. There will also be a hand-knit, ankle alcohol-monitoring bracelet, an "IRL .gif of Janet Jackson," and a full barbecue table spread featuring miniature food.

The theme extends to the guest experience. "We can all read [Nicole Richie's] e-mail but nobody knows who was CC'd, so we're asking visitors to imagine that everyone was," Harkins and Olen wrote in an email to W. "Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder, Janet Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, and anyone who visits. The only person not invited is Justin Timberlake."

On the event's Facebook page, the museum operators write, "We feel it’s time to celebrate the icons of the aughts we all know and love as the rockstars they are. Sure not all of them 'played music' but their music was the sound of a faceplant while exiting a Range Rover, a catchphrase created organically on a reality show, the beeping of a court enforced alcohol monitoring bracelet, the mixing of antibiotics with things you shouldn’t mix antibiotics with. The list goes on, do you hear the music now?"

Gather up your denim skirts and Juicy tracksuits, and mark this down in your Sidekick: The exhibit is from July 28 to August 11. Get a sneak peek of some of the artwork, below.

Laura Collins Lindsay Lohan Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in a Car.JPG

Artwork by Laura Collins, courtesy of THNK 1994 Museum

Laura Collins Lindsay Lohan Posing in a Bikini and Ankle Monitor.JPG

Artwork by Laura Collins, courtesy of THNK 1994 Museum

PopAesthete %22Dear Justin 1%22.PNG

Artwork by PopAesthete, courtesy of THNK 1994 Museum

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