Aurora Perrineau’s Star Potential

With three films out this year, the young actress is on her way to the top.

Photography by Paul Jasmin Styled by Sally Lyndley

The first time Aurora Perrineau quit acting, she was in preschool. “I was 
just devastated that I didn’t get a commercial,” Perrineau, 20, recalls 
with a laugh. “So 4-year-old me decided, ‘Enough!’ ” After circling the world—New York, Australia, Hawaii—while following her father, the actor Harold Perrineau (of Lost fame), from set to 
set, she decided she wanted back in. Once the family landed in Los Angeles, 
in 2010, she says, “I got serious about acting again.”

This year, Perrineau will appear in three films bound to receive some ardent attention, especially from the revenue-generating teen demographic: Kitchen Sink, which boasts zombies and vampires and Vanessa Hudgens; Equals, which 
has the allure of dystopian young love and Kristen Stewart; and Jem and the Holograms, a live-action update on an ’80s animated series with a cult following. As one of the Holograms, an all-girl rock band, Perrineau had to learn to play the drums at least somewhat convincingly. 
“I had a set put in my house, which I’m sure the neighbors hated. I was drumming 24/7, but I have to say, some people 
are definitely born more coordinated 
than others,” she says. “I am not one 
of those people.”