Every summer I like to trade my worn-in leather bag for something lighter, and this year's alternative comes in the form of Baggu's new Daypack. The mother-daughter team behind Baggu has produced stylish, eco-friendly bags out of a small Brooklyn office since 2007 that can now be found internationally, from Colette in Paris to the MoMA Design Store in New York. Made of lightweight nylon, this season's Daypack comes in 14 flavor-ice colors and patterns and is perfect for biking around the city and trips to the beach. When I need something sturdier I'll turn to their collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist, Shabd Simon-Alexander. The collection, released earlier this spring, features canvas totes and packs dyed by hand with the artist's own dreamy tie-dye creation. The company will continue its mission to keep it local this July with a collaboration with yet another NYC-based designer, Mociun. Until then, I have a beach trip to plan.