Beanie Feldstein, Billie Lourd, and Kaitlyn Dever Talk First Kisses and Pop Bottles of Champagne

Marc Jacobs, please forgive the “Booksmart” stars for the mess.

by Wmag

The Booksmart stars Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, and Billie Lourd (all wearing Marc Jacobs) sat down with W’s Editor at Large, Lynn Hirschberg, to talk about their first cinematic crushes, first kisses, and the first acting jobs they ever booked.

In the Screen Test, which was recorded in October 2019, Lourd says her first crush was Kobe Bryant: “I loved the Lakers. I would wear the jerseys all the time, would cry if my mom didn’t have one in the morning to put me in to go to school.”

Feldstein gets into her theater roots, recalling her first kiss behind a set of stage curtains, her first job as an orphan in a production of Annie, and her childhood crush on Barbra Streisand. “I think that’s really starting to come together for me, as I get older,” she says. “I wanted to be her, but I also loved her. She’s, like, a Jewish girl trying to make her way.”

Dever tells the teenage–dream come true story of running into her first crush, Chad Michael Murray (“He had, like, the long, kind of hot, boy bob.”) at a movie theater at age 16. As he tried to wave her down, she assumed he was trying to get someone else’s attention. It turns out he’d seen her in a Barbie commercial.

Lourd says the scariest moment during filming for Booksmart was falling into the pool, because she really sold the belly flop. “They told me to do a dead man’s float, and I gave them a dead man’s float. So it hurt, okay? I gave it to them big,” she says. “I tried to jump off that boat myself—they wouldn’t let me. They said I would’ve had to plug every hole in my body, because the water is so dirty.”

To finish things off, the three actresses pop bottles of champagne with such enthusiasm that their dresses get caught in the crossfire. As they dissolve into giggles, Dever pleads, “Marc Jacobs, please forgive us.”