Beauty obsession of the week: Sphatika deodorant

Just like gluten-free cake and decaf coffee, some things just don't cut it when one vital ingredient is out. Think: bread without gluten. Coffee without caffeine. In the anti-perspirant world -- and even sometimes in...


I have been on a years-long journey for a deodorant that can keep things fairly civil under there, even if a bit of perspiring must transpire. I’ve probably tried a good half dozen (who shall go nameless) to no avail. But recently Sphatika’s founder Janet League-Katzin sent me her brand’s Signature Deodorant. It contains an elixir of quartz crystal, which is the natural powerhouse behind those rock crystal deodorants, but its light, outdoorsy geranium fragrance separates it from the earth mother scents that dominate most of the natural ones.

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