Beauty Professionals: Katherine and Kimberly Corp

Katherine and Kimberly Corp, Fitness


Before opening their Pilates and Gyrotonics studio in 2000, the Corp sisters, who are identical twins, already had an impressive, if slightly bizarre, résumé: a six-month stint as research analysts for the CIA, a year and a half as magician’s assistants, and two seasons as dancers with the Radio City Rockettes. These days the perky 37-year-olds—who have sculpted the physiques of Martina Navratilova and Kimora Lee Simmons—are best known for developing Cardiolates, a hybrid workout performed on rebounders, which are essentially sturdier trampolines. The routine, they say, firms hard-to-target lower abs, improves posture and burns more calories than jogging. “You won’t bulk up, which is extremely important to us as dancers,” explains Kimberly. Perhaps that’s why the studio has employed 12 Rockettes as trainers and attracts its fair share of dancers and Broadway headliners as clients. Adds Katherine, “I think three quarters of the Paul Taylor Dance Company come here. If you time your workout right and catch them, it’s like watching art in motion.”

Pilates on Fifth, New York, 212.687.8885

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