Beauty Professionals: Danna Homburger

Danna Homburger, Hair Removal


Unlike most in the beauty biz, Homburger isn’t looking for repeat customers. “My goal is to make [unwanted hair] a nonissue in someone’s life,” she says. “I don’t want to see you forever.” To ensure that her relationships are as fleeting and fulfilling as possible, Homburger, 48, favors laser hair removal for the body (her CoolGlide CV laser can be used on all skin types) and electrolysis for the face. It was her own past as a self-described “hair victim” that got her into the field. A childhood hormone imbalance caused hair to grow all over her body and face, which she got rid of through electrolysis. “It changed my life so much that I wanted to do this for other women—and men,” says Homburger, whose willingness to share her story adds to her warm tableside manner.

Expert Electrolysis Inc., New York, 212.755.0671

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