Beauty Professionals: Allison Levinson King

Allison Levinson King, Herbalist and acupuncturist

Twenty years ago, Levinson King was an interior decorator living in Los Angeles when she experienced her first acupuncture treatment. Amazed at how rapidly it alleviated her recurring bronchitis, the Sarah Lawrence grad grew increasingly interested in holistic wellness. She became a yoga instructor and then, in 1992, enrolled in the four-year Chinese medicine program at L.A.’s Yo San University. Now 43, Levinson King, who bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Silverman and is just as funny, specializes in fertility and pregnancy issues, but she’s also known for her so-called acupuncture facelift. “It can help plump skin a bit,” says Levinson King, “but it’s more about deep relaxation that shows through.”

Allison Levinson King, Los Angeles, 323.662.3907

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