Beauty Professionals: Tara Lee

Tara Lee, Prenatal yoga instructor


A bun in the oven is no excuse to carbo-load—at least according to Lee. “I think it’s important to prepare the body for labor by keeping it strong, fit and healthy,” says the 34-year-old. “And to not sit around eating cakes on the sofa.” Lee encourages her clients, who have included the Duchess of Cornwall’s daughter, Laura Parker Bowles, to begin classes 12 to 14 weeks into their pregnancies. “Ninety-five percent of my students come until the day they give birth,” she says, pointing out that the stretches and breathing exercises she teaches can help alleviate back pain and heartburn and even relieve stress during labor. And if staying smugly zen in the delivery room isn’t inducement enough to try out Lee’s techniques, her own experience after the birth of her daughter, Lola, in 2004 may clinch the deal. “I was back in all my prepregnancy clothes three weeks after she was born,” she boasts.


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