Bella and Gigi Hadid Are Farming and Thriving

Along with their mom Yolanda and Zayn Malik.

Bella Hadid holding a lavender plant
Courtesy of @bellahadid

If it weren’t for the coronavirus, Gigi Hadid almost certainly would have celebrated her 25th birthday differently; after all, her friend and fellow supermodel-slash-horse girl Kendall Jenner arrived to the party for her 24th Bianca Jagger-style, atop a live horse. Instead, Hadid’s 25th was a relatively humble affair, with guests limited to her mom Yolanda, her sister Bella, and her boyfriend Zayn Malik. There were mimosas. There were bagels. There was even a gigantic bagel-shaped cake made by “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, which Hadid called “a dream come true.”

Such is life on the farm for the Hadid sisters, but you won’t catch them complaining. “in terms of getting to know and how to fulfill yourself, and learning how to find strength,” Gigi once told W, “I’ve really learned that for me, that’s going to the farm and kind of shutting off and not putting on hair and makeup and not worrying about that kind of stuff.” For horse girls like Gigi and Bella, their mother’s farm in rural Pennsylvania is their happy place.

Courtesy of @gigihadid

Malik has also previously expressed his enthusiasm for the farmer lifestyle. “I take the horses out and feed the cows and that kind of stuff,” he said in 2017. “It’s cool. I’ve always been ­interested in animals.” But from the look of things on Instagram, no one’s been pulling their weight in farm work—or having as much fun doing it—more than Bella. On Sunday, she proudly shared that she and her mom have re-planted 1,500 lavender herbs, which she affectionately calls her “babies.”

Courtesy of @bellahadid

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