Long the symbol of French girl chic, the humble beret got its start during the Bronze age, when chapeaus similar to today’s berets were discovered on tombs from the period. The beret adorned the tops of the French working class in the '20s, Brigitte Bardot in the '60s, John Lennon the late '70s, and artists and members of the military for well over a century.

Camo-print berets made an appearance on the Sacai Spring/Summer 2017 runway, and before that, felted berets in cherry red, teal, and tan appeared on the runway at Alessandro Michele’s much-lauded debut for Gucci in February 2015. Michele may single-handedly be responsible for the full on revival, as the Gucci-obsessed tend to go full-look and take his “more-is-more” approach seriously, even when it comes to headwear.

The beret was a key accessory for show-goers at Seoul Fashion Week – it was seen on children, men, and women alike. The hat was spotted on the streets during fashion weeks earlier this fall in New York, Milan, and of course, in Paris. Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, and Miroslava Duma (who loves a romantic accessory, like a cape) are all known to work a beret into their looks.

The beret is very democratic, and that adds to its appeal. There’s something very normal and special about it at the same time. We’ve seen berets donned by a chic grandma riding the New York subway, an LA art teacher at LAX, but also on Rihanna. It’s the must-own accessory to add a little French-girl magic to your look. It’s the hat to wear to stand out in a crowd.

Fashion muse and musician Soko, sums it up best, the beret is “so French.”

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