Key to the Stadt

A stylish new guide to Berlin.

Angelika Taschen Berlin Street Style

Although the term “street style” is most often associated with decked out peacocks, Berlin Street Style, a new tome by publisher Angelika Taschen (with journalist Alexa Von Heyden), takes the phrase more literally. The leopard print-covered book is actually a guide to the city’s coolest destinations, with charming illustrations, helpful tips—and photos of stylish women, of course. The book’s wide-ranging shopping guide includes the best places to buy everything from high-end fashion to flowers to currywurst. And for those who aren’t planning a visit, there’s extensive advice about online shopping, too.

Photos: Key to the Stadt

Angelika Taschen. Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Livia Ximenez. Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Almut Coppius. Photo by Sandra Semburg.