For those dealing with summer in New York City, come late June, as those Summer Fridays start to roll in, you can't help but start fantasizing about a weekend away to somewhere that allows for outdoor space beyond a beer garden patio and perhaps a glimpse of the ocean. By now, however, the Hamptons are even more packed than the city itself, guaranteeing you'll run into at least one person negating the concept of an escape—and that's if you can even stomach the weekend traffic to get out East.

Enter Bermuda, your new, go-to weekend getaway. At just two hours by plane, it will take you the same time that it would to make it to Montauk, but when you land, you'll be greeted with crystal blue waters and sandy beaches. It's a perfect getaway for those wishing to completely disconnect—or for those looking for some adventure, look no further than this weekend's Louis Vuitton America's Cup, which brings out the very best in boating each year.


Here, your guide to a weekend getaway in Bermuda:

Where to stay: Loren at Pink Beach, the newest boutique hotel to open on the Island. The British owners have filled it with their personal art collection that decorates the public spaces and some of the rooms, giving it an extra special touch. Stay in for dinner and enjoy the breathtaking views. Other classics include Rosewood Tucker's Point and Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

What to eat: While the cuisine is certainly not for anyone on a diet, there is still plenty to enjoy. Devil’s Isle is a famous spot best known for their delicious fish sandwiches. Be sure to try their codfish and potato cakes, as well, which is the traditional Sunday morning Bermudian breakfast.

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What to drink: The most famous—and most colorful—drink on the island is the rum swizzle, so you really can't go wrong there.

What to do: Any one going down for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup is most excited about watching the races—either by boat or from the America’s Cup village. On a non-boating weekend, the island is a great place to be active. Take advantage of the surroundings by taking a paddle board around the harbor in the morning, and then bike over to Saint George’s City and Tobacco Beach, where you will find some great snorkeling.

What to pack: Colorful clothes and flat sandals.You'll find yourself walking on a lot of beaches, rocks and boats, none of which take well to heels. The island is also, of course, famous for Bermuda shorts and it seems the brighter, the better.

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