Beyoncé Spent Her Birthday Hobnobbing With Other World Leaders

Beyoncé, America’s queen, spent her birthday weekend chatting it up with Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton.

Of course Beyoncé is having a better Labor Day weekend than you, but to be fair, it is also the weekend of the singer’s 35th birthday. America’s queen reportedly spent part of the weekend partying with America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, while then jetting off to catch a concert and chat with America’s potential first first gentlemen, Bill Clinton.

Oh, she also got a new puppy too.

Bey kicked off the long weekend by spending quality time with Blue Ivy in New York. The pair shopped at Bergdorf Goodman, and then publicly debuted a new member of the Knowles-Carter clan: a small white puppy. A dog that likely thousands of people would switch lives within an instant.

Indeed, the dog did get a quick introduction to what it’s like to be the pet of one of the world’s most adored families. After shopping in New York, Beyoncé and Blue then reportedly jetted off to the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland to spend time with Michelle Obama and her daughters. Naturally Beyoncé’s 35th Birthday was held at the same place as the meeting of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

President Obama was off in China doing presidential things. Tina Lawson, Beyonce’s mother and flawless Instagrammer, was the only attendee however to sneak a pic of the epic gathering out to the public.

“A beautiful early celebration of my baby’s 35th birthday given by one of the most amazing people ever in life,” Lawson wrote.

Alas, we’ll have to rely on our own imaginations to figure out what exactly went down. Did Bey and Michelle formulate a workable plan for peace in the Middle East? (Probably). Were the all rocking those “Happy Birthday” glasses like Miss Tina? (Please say yes). Did Puppy Knowles-Carter and Bo Obama get along? (We can only hope).

Noticeably missing from the festivities so far was Jay-Z, but the couple reunited yesterday in Philadelphia for the Made in America music festival. The tabs say that the couple were engaging in hot and heavy PDA, which is nice for them.

Beyoncé also found time to chat with Bill Clinton, who was also at the festival. Maybe she was setting up future trips to Camp David over the next four years.

The festivities aren’t over yet. The singer is expected to return to return to New York tonight for a star-studded Soul Trained-themed birthday bash.