Everything That Beyoncé Did Differently For Her Second Coachella Performance

For a star of Beyoncé's caliber, the greatest challenge is reaching the expectations set by her own performances. Audiences want every show and concert to be bigger, better, cooler than the one before, but there comes a point at which Beyoncé reaches Peak Beyoncé. After her jaw-dropping performance at the first weekend of the Coachella Music Festival, fans were rightly interested in what she would do for weekend two. If she did the same thing, then it's boring, and Bey is never boring. If she changed everything, then it would be like, well then what was weekend one? A rehearsal?

Perfectionist genius that she is, Beyoncé changed just enough of her look to keep the second headlining performance unique and interesting to people who had already watched the livestream of her first, while still keeping the essentials the same so no one in the audience on either weekend felt like they'd missed out. Here's exactly how she updated her aesthetic for the second performance of #Beychella, from changing the yellow color palette to candy pink and swapping one gorgeous Balmain bodysuit for another:

This regal look is glitzier than the one she donned a week ago.

Black pleather in the California desert? She's Beyoncé. She's fine. Here, have a scholarship.

This sequined tunic replaced last week's mesh.

Can we just take a moment to talk about how none of the members of Destiny's Child have aged a day?

If Beyoncé says that pink is the new yellow, then pink is the new yellow. And college sweatshirts are still in. She gets to make those rules.

Truly, we are all just blessed to live in a time where there can be two weekends of #Beychella.

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