Some say it's mystic! Right up until the last minute, 2017 is coming through with the surprises, the latest of which is that the Electric Slide -- that famous line dance that PE teachers across the country taught us in fourth grade -- is cool. Why? Because Beyoncé did it, so she made it cool. Her mother, Tina Lawson, posted and then deleted a video of the family (Ms. Tina, Richard Lawson, Bey and Jay-Z) electric sliding together with a group of friends, according to Cosmo. But of course, it being the Internet age and all, the video lives in perpetuity.Jay-Z is certainly having a good time.

The song, you may notice, is not "Electric Boogie (Electric Slide)" the Marcia Griffiths tune most associated with the dance, but now it's stuck in your head anyway, happy holidays!

In the video, Bey carries her purse and a water bottle and wears a plaid shirt, distressed jeans and white boots. She posted pictures of herself in that outfit on Instagram on December 14, so whatever excellent gathering this dance happened at was at least a week or so ago.

Stan Twitter account @Bey_Legion identified the party as "Julez's birthday," (Julez is Solange's son, Beyoncé's nephew), which lines up with Ms. Tina's original caption for the video, saved by TheShadeRoom, "why at every party even a kids party do we have to do 10 version of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid shuffle, wobble shuffle the Texas shuffle, everything but the kitchen sink shuffle." Because it's fun! now, if Beyoncé could make the "Kitchen Sink Shuffle" a thing, I for one would be willing to learn it, with or without my old PE teachers.

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