Coachella Run-Off: Jeremy Scott, Lion Babe, and a Beyoncé Tour

Babe, Lion
If a recent album release and Coachella run are any indicator, the neo-soul duo comprising Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman are stars on the verge. Children of the '90s, sound of the future.

Byrne, Rose
From drama to comedy, here's how Australian actress Rose Byrne pretty much does it all.

Cashin, Bonnie
The most influential designer you've never heard of. Cashin founded Coach in 1962 and was an early proponent of layering garments (which, once, was kind of a revolutionary concept). She's now the subject of a new book by Rizzoli.

Clark, Larry
Says people might not have been ready for the truth when he released his 1995 classic Kids, the film that also made a star of Chloë Sevigny. Who knew Larry Clark was secretly Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men?

Fashion Awards, British The newly christened "Fashion Awards," formerly known as the British Fashion Awards, aim to appeal to a wider audience. We can't help think, what appeals to a wide audience better than an English accent?

Scott, Jeremy
Goes to Coachella to get inspired. We wish him luck.

Tour, Formation
Beyoncé's insane wardrobe doesn't stop with Lemonade. For her Formation tour, she's working with the likes of Dsquared2 and Balmain — and that's just the start.

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