Beyoncé and Jay Z Celebrate Wedding Anniversary With New Heartfelt Music Video

The couple has been together for nine years.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

For Beyoncé and Jay Z’s seventh wedding anniversary in 2015, the couple dropped a video of Beyoncé singing an original song called “Die With You” while accompanying herself on piano. At the end of the video, it’s revealed that Jay was seemingly behind the camera the whole time, and Bey was romantically singing the song to him. Today, in honor of the musical duo’s ninth wedding anniversary, Beyoncé released an even better music video for “Die With You” dedicated to her husband.

The video features a higher-quality version of the track along with a montage of never-before-seen home videos. There is footage of the couple’s wedding, Beyoncé’s growing pregnant stomach, Blue Ivy kissing her mother’s baby bump, Blue Ivy as an infant, the couple goofing around on vacations, getting their matching tattoos, and more. The full version of the video, however, is only available on Jay Z’s streaming platform Tidal, as was the 2015 video—but luckily Beyoncé gave those who do not have Tidal a sneak preview on Instagram.

The video isn’t the only way the pair is celebrating. Beyoncé also posted two black-and-white photos of her and Jay Z on Instagram, both of which are covered in lyrics from “Die With You.” One of the photos shows their hands, specifically the matching “IV” tattoos both have on their fingers. IV is the Roman numeral symbol for 4, of course, a significant number to the couple, who got married on the fourth day of the fourth month and named their first daughter Blue Ivy (get it?). Beyoncé also has an album called 4, which she released back in 2011.

Additionally, a playlist curated by Beyoncé in honor of her and Jay’s anniversary emerged on Tidal, titled IV EVER EVER. The playlist contains 63 songs, including “Hey Love,” by Stevie Wonder, “How High the Moon,” by Ella Fitzgerald, and “Say You Will,” by Kanye West. It fittingly opens with “Anniversary,” by Tony! Toni! Toné?

Check out the sneak preview below.

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