When Jay-Z and Beyoncé want to keep a party under wraps, it stays under wraps. That was the case with their wildly exclusive Oscars afterparty on Sunday night: Page Six reports that the superstar duo were keeping the fête so confidential in the days leading up to it that even some of their nearest and dearest weren't sure they were going to be let in until right before the party. "Close friends with Jay…didn't even know if they were invited," a source told the outlet. "They wanted to mindf*ck everyone and keep everything mysterious and exclusive."

The party reportedly took place in the parking garage of Los Angeles's Chateau Marmont hotel, which had been transformed into a "casino-themed" space and admitted only about 200 guests, per Page Six. "It took some masterful maneuvers to pull this off, and [Bey and Jay] enjoyed it so much, they want to make it annual, keeping it as much on the DL as possible," another source said. "They went stealth. VVVIPs all went up a hill past the hotel and went into the kitchen to make their way down to the back entrance of the garage. No photogs, no carpet." Additionally, staffers in charge of setting up the exclusive bash were asked to refer to the Knowles-Carters only as "the host and hostess."

The secret entrance worked like a charm: No paparazzi made their way into the party, and only a few caught celebs on their way in or out. Still another source told Page Six that the party featured "a lot of stars mingling and letting their hair down because they knew they were not under the microscope of prying eyes." Guests reportedly encompassed "all of black Hollywood," including big names like Rihanna, Drake, Stevie Wonder, Daniel Kaluuya, Jamie Foxx, and Black Panther's Danai Gurira.

No word yet on what was discussed inside the party, but potential conversation topics include Beyoncé's recent Insta announcement that she's going vegan until Coachella and Bey and Jay's maybe-happening, maybe-not reprisal of their joint 2014 On the Run tour.

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