Thanks to Beyoncé and Rihanna, It Has Been a Good Week for Power Suits

Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation.

It’s been a good week for power, suits, and power suits. Last Wednesday, Rihanna was spotted at the Berlin Biennale wearing a bright green Vetements skirt suit, paired with Alexander Wang Fall 2016 “Strict” tights and a black baseball hat. On Monday night at the New York premiere of Usher’s latest film, “Hands of Stone,” Beyoncé wore a gray Pallas Paris pinstripe suit.

To be fair, anything worn by either star qualifies as powerful. But these looks felt like they were about more than just a fashion trend–they were a statement. In Rihanna’s photograph, for example, the singer poses in front of a 20-foot tall sculpture of herself by Colombian artist Juan Sebastian Pelaez. The Green Giant version of Rihanna wears a bikini, with a warped image of her face is painted across her chest, right above a tattoo of a winged Egyptian goddess. But what did commenters say? “Nice suit.”

And Beyoncé is never one to do anything without intent. By coordinating with her husband at the event, she signified their renewed union while simultaneously outshining him. She also may have been dropping a hint of their future collaborations. On Tuesday, rumors swirled about a possible Beyoncé x Jay Z album, following a tweet from The Bey Hivé about a “joint album session.”

Hillary Clinton, it’s your move.

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